Finished Sunstruck shawl - handknit from pattern by Laura Aylor

Finished Sunstruck shawl - handknit from pattern by Laura Aylor

Finished Sunstruck shawl - handknit from pattern by Laura Aylor

"Oh I'm developing a beautiful character! It's droops a bit under cold and frost but it does grow fast when the sun shines."
Jean Webster 

Am currently wrapped in wool and yearning for the sun of yesterday. It was like I'd cast a spell: sunny Sunday for the first wearing of my newly finished shawl - Sunstruck - ravelled here.

I started this back last May and with a knitalong got a good part of it knit and on the needles so when I picked it back up over the Christmas holidays it was close enough to snuggling to keep me going even through long garter stitch borders. Actually the very plainness of the knitting has been deliciously soothing and part of why this has been such a happy knit. I love it so much now it is finished too,  it feels like it will be a really useful piece as it's a different weight and shape from anything else I have. It It spans out wide with long ends for versatile draping. The pattern by Laura Aylor is beautifully written and the section by section yardage estimates mean you can scrounge around through old favourite leftover sock yarn treaures (like the golden Alchemy Juniper in this that I had left over from these) to come up with a winning combo.

Now if it only putting it on would draw back the sun I'd declare it perfect.


Unknown said…
So bright and cheerful. I am finding garter soothing, even though I used to hate it! I never liked the bumping quality to it, much prefer the knit side of St st. But garter has grown on me, especially when it flies off the needles.
Fiona said…
ooh, this is goregous! I might have to try this pattern.
Gerri said…
Oh, how cute is that??? You're gifted Hon. ;)
Rose Red said…
That is so nice! I love the yellow sunbursts! Glorious!
DrK said…
wow what a great design and great use of yarn! perfect splash of colour!

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