Oh to live in a tree of wool

My most beloved felt creation has been safely received so I can post some pictures here for posterity. Loved everything about this creation. I started out with a fairly clear idea of what I wanted and was able to realise it within the realms of my incipient skills! A magical tree house inspired by many a fairy story and some of the delightful illustrations of mouse houses from Brambly Hedge.
Needled felted tree house

Needled felted tree house

Hand needled felted tree house made of merino rovings
I found it so hard to call this finished and release it! I kept playing with the bark, adding extra little touches to the  greenery around it and playing in the branches. Eventually though I had to let it go and it couldn't have gone to a better home

Past felting endeavours aside, currently I seem to be on a moon kick. Number four crescent moon is on the felting block at the moment. It all started with the idea a of a moon necklace inspired by Gretel's wonderful whales. Now I keep thinking of a bowl full of moons. Mine is not to reason why.
Needle felted moon in progress


Rose Red said…
That is SO COOL! Just like the magical trees of children's books, with elves and fairies!

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