Finally we fall in love

Hand knitted Double V Cardigan - Melissa Wehrle - cropped with different sleeves

Double V Cardigan - Melissa Wehrle - cropped with different sleeves

Double V Cardigan - Melissa Wehrle - cropped with different sleeves
Something inspired me to tidy up my wardrobe yesterday, must be the sap rising! I found a knit lurking in there that has been half forgotten/half hanging over the frog pond. A knit that never was formally declared finished because of the fit. My first thought yesterday when I found it was that it was going to be sent on its merry way as it didn't bring back happy memories. I am so loathe to throw out or rip completed knits that it got another reprieve until there was time to ponder what its fate should be. Reader, I tried it on and I really like it! Still wearing it now. I can see what my issue was as it's looser than it was intended to be but suddenly to my surprise I think its cute. Don't you?

It's an adapted version of an Interweave Knits pattern - the Double V cardigan and forensic analysis of blog/Ravelry/memory combined help me remember that it had its ups and downs in creation, with doubts about this yarn from the start. Such a glorious colour though - truest in the last shot.

Somewhere along the way I shortened it and then I clearly did decide to abandon the sleeves as written though the blog and Ravelry are quiet on how I did the sleeves in the end and I remember nothing of knitting them! I wore it straight away but seemed hopeful I could shrink it back in to something closer to what I wanted but I remember futile attempts at that. There is a documented wearing here and I think that's probably the only time it's seen the light of day since 2011! I remember how hot it was that day last summer and just resigning myself to wearing it as the coolest of a bad bunch of options as there was nothing in my wardrobe I felt happy with. I didn't enjoy wearing it and I just stuffed it in the wardrobe until I could bear to ditch it. Aww but how nice that there is a happy ending and the little knit is saved and I feel like I've got a new hand knit as if by magic.

Interesting how the distance from the expectations of how I wanted the knit to look and a healthy dose of feeling more comfortable in my own skin have changed my perspective on this from what is wrong with it - to what is right! Ah knitting - the lessons keep on coming.


Olivia said…
That is a lovely thing to have happen. Yes, it looks great, looks like the fabric has a nice drapey quality, which I think means it doesn't matter if it's a little generous on you.
Kai said…
I love it! I think it's cute and it really suits you. That colour is gorgeous as well. :)
Unknown said…
Love it! I agree, sometimes our expectations aren't met and we can't see the value in the piece outside of that gauge. Glad time and distance worked to bring about harmony with this knit.
Rose Red said…
I think it's really cute! A good thing you didn't get rid of it straight away!
Unknown said…
I'm so glad you've finally fallen in love with your little cardie. I find knitting for myself quite a challenge, and can never get the fit that I want. I suppose a knitter grows with experience :0)
Have fun wearing your beautiful knit. x
Katie said…
What a happy ending! I have a few things lurking in my half made 'makes' box that I feel similarly about whenever I open it. My heart sinks. Fingers crossed to fall in love again!
Gerri said…
I agree! I think it's lovely. ;) I love the color too!! xxO

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