February 12of12

February 2014 12of12 mosaic
Well five of twelve shots are of our new furry dictators. Not an inspired photo day and hardly had enough but cuddling the new kids on the block is my biggest passion currently so there were more than twelve of them to choose from!

1. Early morning knitting in my PJs. 2. Our furry fiends. Nina is the traditional coloured Siamese being spooned by Chinski. They wouldn't oblige with a perfect yin yang while I had the camera out! 3. Trainers on, not relishing the thought of another rainy walk to work, and that probably explains the lack of photos en route. 4. All the best chefs cook in shorts. 5. Beautiful moody moon approaching full captured on my walk to craft circle (No photos of my very small circle as I couldn't face trying to explain why I wanted to take photos of them after a conversation the other week about what the difference between Twitter and Facebook was. Let's hope I got it right!) 6. Post craft circle I find Chinski and the Mr relaxing in splendour while 7. Nina looks forlorn in the hope of more food. 8. Binding off hundreds of stitches, decide shawl won't be finished before bedtime! 9. Still a little forlorn. 10. Beautiful whiskers. 11. Rainy reflections. 12. Too much book left to finish it before eyelids fall.


Rose Red said…
Awww, kitties! So cute. I tried and failed to get 12 photos of my day. Next month hopefully!

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