Dreaming of shawls

I am making slow progress on my pretty little lace scarf but that doesn't stop my fingers itching to be knitting a full shawl so I'm cataloguing some of the dreams here to stave off the startitis a while longer. Some of these patterns are for small shawls but I think all would be easy to make larger or maybe small would be a good place to start. Some have been long loved, others new discoveries. I've used the photos from the Ravelry details page for each pattern and linked those back to the pattern. Am I missing anyone's favourite? Anyone know which one I should start with?! I was all set for Ysolda's The Orchid Thief in a vibrant pinky-purple Araucania Ranco but since playing with my sock yarns I think Cladonia in a zingy blue and green combo might be the current favourite.


Unknown said…
Cladonia is my current favorite to wear. Maybe because it is bright orange and plum? Or maybe for the shape. Of your list I have done three, just wore my Swallowtail today. Holden was gifted to a cancer patient, so I can't vouch for it's wear, but I did enjoy the knitting.
Rose Red said…
All great choices! Sometimes that's the problem isn't it - which one to make first!
DrK said…
aeslight is fun to make and looks lovely on, but i havent seen cloud illusions before and it looks lovely! i think you're right tho cladonia would work well in zingy blue sock yarn.
Fleur Cotton said…
I've currently got Ysolda's Sherilyn Shawl in my queue and as soon as get some spare time I'm hoping to knit it up in either a mauve or teal, not sure yet. Pattern on ravelry so have a look I think it's a really beautiful design.

Lovely blog by the way.

Fleur xx
SueH said…
I've knit the Holden shawlette twice - the pattern is far easier than it looks!

'Cloud Illusions' looks wonderful!
behind the ivy said…
Cladonia would look great in those colours! It's been on my knit list for a while but I still haven't decided on yarn for it :)

I've knit Holden before. It's super easy to upsize it, but I found the lace section getting very boring very quickly!

Cloud Illusions is absolutely beautiful! Another shawl that I've been wanting to make for ages is the Ginko shawl. There are just too many shawls and not enough time!
Rachel said…
Muir is one of my favorites. I'm not sure if it is because of the name or the pattern! ;) I just dyed a skein of yarn that has been calling Muir's name and so will likely cast that on soon. Otherwise, a few favorites of mine (since it looks like you are favoring lace ones) are Wave, Rock Island or Laminaria?

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