Project bedroom - phase one complete!

Inspired by the definite signs of spring and this rather gorgeous picture I came across yesterday via Heart Handmade UK I have engaged on a project long overdue. I call it Project Bedroom of Joy! I'm not aiming for something that looks like that particularly though I love all of the elements. I just want  something that gives me the same feeling of deliciously mixing freshness and cosiness.  We've never finished the work that we began on our room when we moved to our home in 2005; the floor is done, my Pa built us a fitted wardrobe and we got as far as painting a couple of tester patches on the very dull magnolia walls. Undecided about those and with other more pressing work it got pushed aside and we're very good at finding plenty to keep us away from DIY! Hopefully this new found springy motivation will see some big progress. Phase one involved just a bit of a clean and a tidy but it promises to be rather life enhancing as I finally cleared the top of my teeny bedside table and threw out the broken magazine rack that between them were bearing the weight of the endless knitting and craft magazines, knitting and craft books and novels I like to have to hand for bedtime reading. All now stashed equally within reach but out of sight in a large wooden drawer that fits neatly under the bed. So simple I can't believe it's taken me so long to think of it.  As a little treat for the little table now clear and clean I finished up another project that's been hanging around for a while.
Pattern: Apple Coasters by Louise Howe
Yarn: Mercerized DK cotton
Hook: 3.25mm
Started: July 2011
Finished: March 10th 2012
Ravelry page

I made a set of all red ones for a housewarming gift for a friend and thought I'd make up another set to have on hand to gift when needed, this time I fancied making a mix of solid and sliced apples. I got as far as one, was proud of myself for working out how to add the stem and then couldn't decide what to do about the seeds. Today with a new purpose in mind I spent the few minutes required to embroider some seeds in the same yarn used for the stem and lo project coaster and phase one of the bedroom project - clear floors and clean windows - both complete!


Rose Red said…
We are the same - get part way through something and then leave it - and then find out how quick it is to fix or finish and wonder why we didn't do it sooner!

I love the apple coaster! Too cute!
behind the ivy said…
Such a cute coaster!

I love the idea of stashing books and reading material under the bed. Mine always end up in quite an unsightly pile on the floor next to the bed, which tends to grow and grow until I get fed up and put all the books away!
Rachel said…
I like this coaster! And I love reading about major or minor changes folks make to their living areas. It always inspires me to do something here when I have time. I hope you document your process!
Lynne said…
A great start - can't wait to see what comes next.

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