Sewing Sunday

Well for a few minutes anyway. Next Saturday is my sewing lesson and I thought I'd better break my habits so far and do something since the last lesson - especially as I seem to have lost my homework on bound buttonholes! Oops, will have to claim the cat ate it. I chickened out of using my rather fine Alexander Henry fabric straight off so found some very sweet and super bargainous cotton at Watford market to make the pattern up in first. Good job as I seem to have made it rather short - even after my teacher made me add a big chunk to what I had drawn out - I am bad with a tape measure - but I will get better with practice!

I think it's time to add the facings next but as I wasn't too sure and I haven't done those before I quit while I was ahead; best not to have to start the lesson ripping out eh?

Two key lessons learnt - sometimes cowardice is wise and sewing is your friend if you don't bite off more than you can chew. Sewing is also friendlier with The Colette Sewing Handbook around. Highly recommended - neat little lessons in the front and very sweet patterns.


Rose Red said…
Yours is the second blog post I've read today mentioning the Colette book! I think it might be a must have for my bookshelf! (or sewing table!)
behind the ivy said…
I'd love to learn to sew but I find the idea of cutting in to fabric strangely scary, It seems so final! Perhaps it's because I'm not too hot with a tape measure either - I always seem to be too conservative or too excessive with my measurements!
Rachel said…
I'm glad to see you are still sewing and taking lessons! Keep posting about your progress...maybe it'll inspire me to actually sew rather than just thinking about it. Maybe.
Mary said…
Your sewing classes sound interesting. Is it a long course? You seem to cover quite a lot of advance sewing techniques.

I have a sewing class this Saturday too, but it is an intensive beginner's course.

The Colette book looks interesting. I must pop by my local bookshop to have a look.
Sarah said…
The sewing classes are not really a structured course. We meet once a month for four hours and work on whatever project we like. We are all different skill and ambition levels so there's a good mix of stuff going on. We also have a piece of homework which is optional, normally some little test piece our lovely teacher has prepared for us - bound buttonholes is the most ambitious thing so far!

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