Dilettante bread baker

I'm sure if I had to make bread every day I would feel it was just as much of a chore as changing the bed or dusting. Luckily I could skip to the shops and buy a loaf and so it comes to pass that I am driving home from work on a Friday night thinking - ooh I could be really indulgent this weekend and bake some more bread. I guess at least this current passion beats knitting socks as those without the imagination to see the glory of homemadeness can't say you could buy a loaf of bread for less than the cost of that yarn. Well you know what I mean!

Bread making (like all of life you might say) is quite like knitting really. It's definitely feeding that basic need in me to MAKE. After another day at work of emails and conversations and nothing I can put my hands or eyes on and simply feel the pleasure of having created I know for sure that all these makey things are part of my elaborate balancing act.


Rose Red said…
Making your own bread is a wonderful thing of comfort and magic. Yours look yum!
Lynne said…
I have never successfully made bread so I'm not so enamoured with the idea as I once was! (But I still love freshly baked bread).
SueH said…
There is no substitute for home-baked bread! Over the years it's been a great stress-buster, to take out my angst on the poor and unsuspecting dough - and the bread tasted the better for it!

Recently, having invested in a bread maker, we've had variable results. However, it's useful for creating a smooth dough so I tend to use it on that programme and then finish the bread by hand.

Mmmmm - my mouth is watering already!
behind the ivy said…
Homemade bread is a wonderful thing. I wish I made the time for it more often. Your loaf looks absolutely delicious!
raining sheep said…
Of course you know I totally bond with this post! I am making two loaves right this moment.
Rachel said…
It looks so yummy! I've been on a bread-making kick lately as well. There is something so satisfying and just comforting about the process!

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