Taking time

The big work deadline has passed and with a three day weekend to enjoy as my self congratulatory pat on the back I'm trying to keep it very slllloooooowwww around here. It was tempting to come up with a list of activities and catch up chores to pack the days with to make the most of the time but somewhere along the way I realised that the way to make the most of this weekend was to plan as little as need required and go as slowly as I could, taking time over things in a way I haven't so much this since the start of the year as work has squeezed my free time. I like efficiency but I don't like it so much that I never want to dawdle. There's been insufficient dawdling, I'm putting it back in this weekend.
We were up and out early yesterday, our bodies still on working week awakening schedule. So cold and crisp and the prettiest pink blushed sky. There have been so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets so far this year. So I took my camera along and played with that, then pottered up and down the pleasingly empty aisles. Saturday early is always our favourite time for supermarket shopping. We stocked up on lots of nice baking goods, I had a thought of making bread. 

Something that takes its own sweet time. Started a loaf yesterday and was delighted to chomp in to it for lunch today while watching Walk the Line - best film I've seen in such a long time. Johnny is playing as I type this. We've had a cold snap and though there was little snow here in Oxford it's still definitely perfect kitchen pottering weather. I don't know what I'm doing at all with bread making so I followed the recipe book closely. I had a bread maker for a while but never made enough use of it to justify the space it took up. Anyway this weekend I wanted the fun and therapy of kneading the dough. Oh and the joy of the eating!


raining sheep said…
Wow, that bread looks amazing. I am actually making bread today as well. Made a big stew and homemade bread will be perfect with. Hope you are doing well and taking your well-deserved timeout.
Rose Red said…
There's nothing like warm bread that you've baked yourself! Perfect way to spend a lovely slow cold day!
behind the ivy said…
Gorgeous photos! That sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend. It's so lovely to slow the pace down after working all hours.

Your bread looks so delicious and soft!
Lynne said…
Sounds perfect to me! And freshly baked bread is wonderful!
DrK said…
i deliberately went slow this weekend too. i hate the way we think we have to rush through those two days and get all this other stuff done. slow weekend are part of my new destress reigme. i can almost smell that bread from here. sigh.
bells said…
handmade bread is sooo much better and so much more fun than the bread maker type. You can have much more control I think and kneading and waiting for it to rise is the ultimate kitchen therapy. Lovely.
Mary said…
Nothing beats baking your own bread on a frosty day. Your bread looks delicious.

I'm glad to hear that you managed to get some time off to relax.
Sea said…
The picture of the ice is just beautiful. :)

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