WIP Flip

I ripped out Summit and it's been a Spring Forward sock in the beautiful Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna that has been keeping me buoyant these last few evenings. I'm not sure where it came from but I'm happy it's arrived.

I'd lost the pull to make the shawl, though I still find it hard to believe I haven't touched it for over a year. A year?! A YEAR?! Where did that go? I had to check the blog to prove beyond reasonable doubt I didn't take that holiday and start those projects in September 2011! Apparently the big thing for me and Summit was to understand how it worked. Curiosity sated, project done. Maybe the new year give me the impetus to do the ripping, it's been lurking at the back of my mind that I needed to release that yarn. The Sunna said sock this time and with a lovely pattern still to hand after the Christmas Eve bind off the path of least resistance has led to this happy state of affairs. I think I should butt out of choosing my knits more often.

There weren't many socks knit in 2011 and I'm excited to see whether I'll knit more socks this calendar year. I do like the anticipation and wonder that January brings with its fresh new page feel. No resolutions for me to fail at just good intentions to keep living by and plenty of crafty fun to have. Well other fun is also allowed.


Rose Red said…
I love the summit pattern, but I can understand just wanting to see how it works (I think that is part of my attraction to it as well). But it's always good to get a no-love project off the sticks and reuse the yarn for something you do love - I've got a bit of that in mind this year myself!
raining sheep said…
This so inspires me to make this year a sock year!! It's been too long.
Anonymous said…
yes good call! the socks look fantastic, what gorgeous yarn. im very much looking forward to what you come up with this year!
Rachel said…
So it would seem you are definitely a process knitter! I knit things to see how it works, but I do have that 'must finish what I started' insane nature about me. Hats off to you ripping and starting another project with the yarn!

I like your good intentions rather than resolutions...healthier approach.

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