Light and bright

We had a weekend of crisp winter weather here in Oxford with the bluest of skies.

Long riverside walks and lovely company made the most of the light and I felt restored and full of brightness by yesterday evening. During the working week daylight and I have a more fleeting relationship but I've filled up the stores.


Anita said…
Hi Sarah,
Are they all the dishes left over from lunch in the last photo? lol. Great photo's, thanks for sharing. Regards, Anita.
Lynne said…
Yay for beautiful weather!
Rose Red said…
Oh, someone had fun at the Sushi Train! That's a lot of plates! All that lovely walking builds up an appetite!
behind the ivy said…
Wow, looks like you're having some beautiful weather down south! Can't remember the last time I saw such a pretty blue sky up here, it's always overcast and cold. I'm jealous!
Rachel said…
Beautiful light...I'm trying to soak it up through the screen since we are having horrendous weather here and I doubt I'll see the sun for weeks (dumping snow, then dumping rain, then dumping snow, then rain...constant!).

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