The Craft Hamper

My uncle always sends our family a hamper of delicious Christmas goodies; I stole the hamper and used it to cart my own delicious goodies around this Christmas. I was very blessed with many lovely crafty gifts and it's so nice to have them all in one place to play with. So much potential in there. Liberty fabric! Rowan Fine Tweed yarn as requested for a project I've had my eye on for a while! Lovely books! It's been cheering me up today looking in there. The back to workness of tomorrow has been playing on my mind and creating a certain gloom but I'll still have the champer to look forward to when I get home. Yippee!

I was very impressed at the amount of unrequested yarn that came my way. I think that it can be quite intimidating buying yarn for a knitter but I'm glad they got on in there. Two yarn/pattern combos were gifted and I've started both straight away to prove how appreciated they were. Hoping some positive reinforcement might provoke similar brave generosity in future!

This little bag just needs blocking and sewing up. My auntie got this whole kit for me complete with sequins and a lining. Purty!

These slipper boots may be the death of me as the Sirdar pattern is a bit of a torture to follow but it did let me knit my first ever bobbles. I'm not sure how it can be that I haven't made them for anything before but they were fun - hopefully I can keep bobbling along.


Sea said…
Bobbles are fun! I'm trying to figure out how to sew the "baby ugg boots" featured in a copy of Let's Knit...can't be that hard as the magazine is aimed at beginner and improving knitters????? or am I wrong?
If you look at my blog "Fidgetty Fingers" you'll see what has got me frustrated!
Anita said…
Hi Sarah,
I bet you were pretty pleased with all your yarn. At Christmas and birthday's friends don't even ask me anyone what to get me.......wool. lol. Happy knitting. Regards, Anita.
raining sheep said…
Hubby gave me a big, fat gift card for a very beautiful yarn store - I think he is giving me a hint! I have done a lot of thinking over the new year's and decided to keep my blog. Thank you for being such a faithful reader :) Many blessings and good wishes for 2012.
Rose Red said…
Wow, what a great hamper of goodies! You were very lucky!

Hope work tomorrow isn't too horrid. Think of the lovely knitting awaiting you at the end of the day!
behind the ivy said…
Ooh, beautiful goodies! They look so perfect in that lovely hamper. Must admit, I've never knit bobbles either. Good luck with the rest of the boots!
Mary said…
Hi Sarah,

What a great Christmas Hamper! I'm sure that will cheer you up when you come home from work. Good luck with your first day back at work.

Anonymous said…
What a great hamper full of goodies, Happy New Year!
Lynne said…
What a great idea - clever you!
Kai said…
I love hampers!! And I love hampers full of knitting goodies! I got some yarn this year from my sister, but she's a fellow knitter so she got it spot on. :) Happy New Year by the way.
Rachel said…
So much love in this post...
-your craft hamper of holiday goodness
-unexpected yarn gifts
-casting on immediately to show appreciation so they are encouraged to buy unexpected yarn gifts in the future ;) ;)
-and those cute!

Have fun bobbling along...and happy new year Sarah!
Anonymous said…
oh swoon! what a basket! and how wonderful to receive unexpected gift yarn that you actually like!

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