Hamper Treat

Out from the hamper this weekend came seven dinky round balls of tweedy yarn. My sweet Mum who still makes sure my (31 year old) brother and I have a stocking couldn't understand why Santa was being asked for one ball each of seven different colours.

It was my Friday night treat to cast on the Peerie Flooers mittens. I'm loving it so far, already I can see genius in the colour selection for the cuffs (ignore the pink yarn which is the cuff lining, leftovers in softest cashmere and silk). Until I get the hang of this colourwork I think it will mainly be a weekend project as my work frazzled brain has fancied less challenging occupations these past couple of evenings. The cast on was not without its little dramas, the obligatory search for needles through my chaotic supplies and then a special treat of Panda doing her best to choke on the end of the cast on yarn she'd proudly killed! She's a constant companion for my sofa knitting adventures, sometimes more peacefully than others.


Unknown said…
I'm loving the colors so far! I'm sure they will turn out great! I also love your cat! My buddy looks exactly like her. Can't wait to see the FO!
Lynne said…
They look very interesting - can't wait to see your progress. Santa was good to leave you exactly what you asked for!
Rose Red said…
What an obliging Santa you have! One of my (real life) knitting friends has knit the hat version of this, and it is so lovely. As will these mitts be...gosh I am so tempted, heh!
behind the ivy said…
Ooh, that looks lovely! Can't wait to see more :)
Unknown said…
I love those mittens. Can't wait to see yours done.
Rachel said…
I'm pushing 40, my brother is over 40 and we still all get stockings (even my folks). We started doing something different though that I like...each person is responsible for one or two stocking gifts for everybody but themselves (of course). It's fun!

These mittens are going to be beautiful! And tell your mother she just needs to trust the knitter!
Bells said…

I love love love the idea of a Friday night treat cast on. It's Friday today and I've got a hankering. I think you've just given me permission to cast on a treat. :-)

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