Treasures Made

While we were away for Mum's birthday celebrations I was tempted in to some bead shops in Shaftesbury - pause for photo of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury - I stood there and felt like I was looking at a film set or postcard come to life - certain views are just so imprinted they become surreal, this photo seems like something I bought rather than took. 
No buying this though! Can you tell what/where it is?
Anyway back to bead shops - I was VERY restrained - I've been avoiding bead shops for fear of a major splurge on a whole load of materials I won't get round to using but I decided for the price of one pair of earrings that the material to make three pairs was a good investment.

First attempt reminded me that making a pair of something is going to be a challenge.
So I was delighted when I spotted a broken brooch being sold at the weekend that had the perfect ready made droplets for a pair of earrings. Minimal intervention from me; maximum satisfaction in some trash become treasure.
Look at me and my 'upcycling'!


behind the ivy said…
Is that from the Hovis advert?!

Gorgeous beads. I love the upcycled brooch earrings too - very resourceful!
Rose Red said…
I thought maybe Stonehenge too, although I'm not 100% sure! The first photo really does look like a postcard, so pretty!
And go you on the recycling! Perfect for earrings!
Charity said…
Hooray! Upcycling at it's best! :)
Lynne said…
I thought it was Stonehenge at first but I wonder if it's newer than that?

I love your photo of Shaftesbury.
Kyoko said…
Hi Sarah,
English countryside is the most beautiful thing ever. Oh I love beads shops - I am so impressed about your beautiful black earings that you have made from the brooch!! So gorgeous!
WildflowerWool said…
Not sure where that is but it is beautiful!
Unknown said…
lovely view!! Oh to live in such a pastoral place.
Anonymous said…
oh! picture postcard indeed! images like that, and watching the tour de france, make me yearn for milder climes and a quiet village life. gorgeous beads too.
marycatharine said…
Love the upcycled earrings, what a smart idea. Have to admit I'm afraid of bead stores, they suck me in.

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