Sewing School - Day One

In which Sarah does not sew her fingers but she does wonder how she ended up in a maths lesson.
No truth be told even I can work out half of a measurement without too much trouble but I have spent most of today drawing lines on paper with a giant set square type thing in a maths classroom. We're making our own standard bodice block patterns. We started with paper, we make the bodice up in calico and then have it fitted and make any adjustments required - additional darts, increases on the darts etc on the paper pattern and then translate that to card so that we will always have our own template to work from.

My friend Nicole and I are lagging a little behind, most people were having their calicos adjusted by the end of today while I've only sewn the darts on mine. However I got them right first time! My little machine was like an old friend after all the pattern cutting. It's funny how when you stretch your brain so far what felt like the challenge (sewing in straight line) is actually the easy part.

I have no idea how we get from these standard bodices to our designs but tomorrow more will be revealed!


Unknown said…
Ugh, I hated doing a dress blank in college during my sewing class. But it does teach you a lot about how your body is different from the retail patterns. Good luck.
Lynne said…
Sounds challenging but fun so remember to enjoy yourself!
Rose Red said…
I think that bodice thingy will be very handy in your sewing future!
Also, I am very glad you did not sew your fingers!

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