A Birthday Scarf

All quiet here for a while while I holidayed and knit this secret squirrel project and then celebrated with the giftee. My Mama turned 60 this weekend and she had to have a handknit gift of course. 
Pattern: Simple Basket Stitch
Started: June 26th 2011
Finished: July 1st 2011

I started knitting this in plenty of time as MeloMelo, the beautiful pattern written for this bonus yarn from last year's Knit Love Club, but I just couldn't get along with the lace on the 5mm needles and I was losing the subtle shifts of colour in the pattern. So last Sunday morning I ripped it out and basket stitched my way through this past week back at work, casting off with enough time for a rinse and block thanks only to the glorious sunshine we've had this weekend. Mama loves it and I do too. The yarn is a superstar and I love a simple pattern to showcase that. Worked on 5mm needles it drapes like a dream. It's the softest, most luxurious thing I've ever made and it was lovely to hand it over in person and celebrate her birthday with her. A big surprise for her as she thought she was away for a quiet weekend. Such happy memories made, just as there are happy times knit in to this. Such a harmonious matching of stitch and yarn made this version a very pleasurable knit.
I knew we'd never squeeze in a blog photo shoot so took some photos before wrapping. I love this last shot, do you see that white fuzz on the right, could be cotton wool or something? Something indeed. Something like the paw of a rascally Bingo cat who was only milliseconds and millimetres away from trying out the cashmere and silk for herself!


Charity said…
This is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! :)
Rose Red said…
It is so lovely, you are right, when you have a beautiful yarn, a simple pattern is perfect to allow the yarn to sing!

That's funny about that errant paw. I took a knitwear photo yesterday for the blog and a little errant hand slipped in at the last minute!
sara said…
Gorgeous! It looks like it has fabulous drape!
Spinster Beth said…
Yikes! Bad kitty! :-) It's gorgeous, really .... I've done basketweave lots of times, it's never looked that posh before!
Lynne said…
It is truly gorgeous. I'm glad you went with the simple basket weave pattern to show off the beautiful yarn. I can understand why Mama likes it - happy birthday, Mama.
Anonymous said…
it really is gorgeous, i can feel the silky smooth smooshiness from here! what a stunning colour, i bet its a dream to wear. a lovely gift!
marycatharine said…
It's beautiful! The simplicity of the pattern really lets the yarn shine. You have one lucky mama :)
Modelwidow said…
Lovely! even just looking at it I can almost feel the softness, the pattern works so well with the colouring too
behind the ivy said…
So lovely! Gorgeous colour, and such fantastic drape. What an excellent gift :)

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