Day Three - Actual Sewing!

So it has come to my attention that sewing is not well named, not like knitting, with knitting you get what it says, yarn and needles in hand and you're off - actually knitting - even if you don't count casting on as knitting you're in to the good stuff quick smart. Actual sewing, well that comes far down the list of activities - even if you didn't create your own pattern from scratch with mere paper and pencil to help you - sewing is way off behind pinning and fussing and worrying about straight of grain and selvedge edges (and unpinning and re-pinning as somehow you chose a slippery as an eel demon of a fabric) and wondering about right sides and considering whether all your pieces will fit (please, please I want my sleeves!) and re-pinning as you're not on the straight of grain as you'd forgotten about that in the fear of 'do I have enough fabric?!?' and then it's cutting which I thought I'd be nervous about but I was just glad not to be pinning! 

Then finally after removing the pattern pieces followed by more pinning SingSing and I made some zigzag lines (for added movement in my skirt I believe). 
Yippee it was fun! I sewed the whole skirt together - four whole seams - vroooom - delightful! Out damn pins! It has to hang out over night now to let it settle after the trauma of me sewing it, no seriously it needs time to fall in to place apparently - ooh the things I never knew.
There was a small moment where I presented my fabric to the back of the machine but at least I realised what was wrong! Ah the actual sewing, it's fun. Which is good as tonight I have hand sewing homework - tacking my lining to the bodice pieces.
Bells - you're so right - the simplicity of knitting v maths/pinning/cutting/pinning/sewing - well you know which my favourite will always be!


Rose Red said…
Yay for actual sewing after all that maths and pinning and measuring and cutting! Won't it be cool when you have a whole dress! And next time it will be quicker and so on, and soon you'll just be whipping up dresses and skirts and tops etc without a thought!
Lynne said…
My first skirt was also a four gore skirt in a slippery fabric which my "teacher" (Nanna) made me line!

Glad you finally got to the fun part!

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