The Grrrrr Moment

We were discussing today in class that often with longer projects (in any craft) you have a grrrrrr moment when you're tempted to hurl it across the room or at least wonder what possessed you to start on this enterprise in the first place. The new project excitement is a distant memory, things have likely started to go not exactly according to plan and you're persevering but the teeth are somewhat gritted.
Ole dressie and I had a grrr moment this afternoon - I've been at this blessed bodice all day with precious little to show for it after a round of adjustments. Last day tomorrow and I can't see a finished dress by the evening but perhaps that's a good thing. I think I was getting carried away dreaming of swishing about in it and that focus on the end product always increases my chances of a grrr moment. I lose any pleasure in what I'm doing and just want it done. I never really believed at the start of the course that I'd have a super top notch dress - I knew I was getting in at the deep end and just wanted to absorb all I could from the course and hopefully have something I wouldn't mind wearing at home. Somewhere yesterday I started to think it could be a really beautiful dress, and maybe it will be, if I take good care of the process of making it. Teacher did say I was very methodical and patient - not two of my natural traits so I'm learning more than just sewing! Note to self (again) it's about the journey! 


Sea said…
Look forward to seeing your finished dress, what you have shown so far is looking good
Lynne said…
Some of us are more inclined towards the destination rather than the journey - you have to go with what works for you, the project and the skills you're trying to acquire.

All the best for the final day; take a deep breath and enjoy it.
Keep going!!! it will be all worth it xxx

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