Today I made...

...some very wonky coasters!
Not quite the Clever Coasters from AmyChicken's fab book Bend the Rules Sewing but I do love them.
Panda looks like she's hiding her head in her paws because I got the machine out but I did much better this time, it only made me mildly panicky at times - and that was more to do with the cutting of the material than anything else! 

It was time for some more machine sucking up as I bought my fabric for the dress making course yesterday. The lovely tutor offered us the chance to meet up with her in advance for her advice on what and how much fabric to buy in advance of the course. I had a rough sketch and not even a rough idea of what I needed to make it a reality so it was so helpful to me to have Chris and her magic tape measure on hand. 
Two and half metres of the main fabric, two metres ten cms for the lining and in less than two weeks from now I'll have a dress. Well, we'll see!

PS - That blurry photo from the last post was indeed Stonehenge - well done squinters who guessed correctly!


Lynne said…
Looking forward to seeing what you make!

When we were in England in 1983, WM really wanted to see Stonehenge. My mother's cousins took us out from London for the day: Longleat, Cheddar Gorge and finally Stonehenge - very late in the evening! I don't think WM was very happy with the photos he took!
Charity said…
I'm excited for you - I'd love to do a dressmaking class! Can't wait to hear all about it.

I really like that book, Bend the Rules Sewing. If you find one called One Yard Wonders (just like One Skein Wonders), I thought it was full of simple little projects, good for practicing on. :)
Rose Red said…
I love the fabric you've used for the coasters, I think they look great! And can't wait to see your dress!

We went to Stonehenge on the coldest day in the world ever! Gosh it was cold. But still amazing. And the thing that still amazes me is how close that main road is to the site!
Spinster Beth said…
I got to see Stonehenge last September. It was crowded, but still wonderful to see.

Love the coasters :-)
behind the ivy said…
The coasters look great! Much better than my sewing attemps :)

Can't wait to see how the dress turns out, a dress making course sounds like such fun!
I love the coasters! I know what you mean about the panicking! I am still a little bit frightened of my sewing machine as it tends to go from 0 to 60 in about a second!!! xxx
Bells said…
hooray for a sewing class! Looking forward to seeing your progress!
marycatharine said…
Have fun with your dressmaking! I'm so jealous that you've got that type of instruction available.
Modelwidow said…
I love both your fabrics, the coasters are so cheerful and I will watch the dress with interest.
(ps how cute is Panda?)

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