Blogiversary Again!

This little creation makes it to four years old tomorrow, I swear it hasn't been a year since last time and four since the first post - amazing!
Nothing dramatically changes here now year on year, and that's part of the charm for me. The little ordinary details that get captured. The increased connection with the rhythm and cycles of the year. The space to obsess over things that the average work colleague or even my closest friend just doesn't quite feel the same about. Ceramic buttons - squeal! 
I'd definitely say to anyone learning to knit that they should keep a blog about it along the way. (So any new knitter without a blog if you're reading this and fancy it - do it! It's fab.)   It's so easy to forget what it was you didn't know (everything) and take your skills for granted as there still feels like a whole lot of everything you don't know. There have been dramatic changes since those first days, changes that creep up on you. I'm tickled by this post from early in my sock days where I say "my pattern uses something called Kitchener Stitch.." at least that's one thing I've got licked now.
So celebrate with me you lovely blog readers, I'd blog without you but it's much more fun with you! Four pictures of pretty things for four whole years of blogging. If you'd like to receive a set of these wonderful buttons or the stitch markers made in South Africa for Injabulo, a wonderful little company I found this year, please wish me a happy blogiversary in the comments and let me know which set you'd prefer. I'll do a draw next weekend if there are multiple people falling in love with these lovable creations. This weekend I'm off to Bath with my cutie patootie (and the Christmas knitting!). Life is good.


marycatharine said…
Happy Blogiversary! You're right, getting to look back at how far you've come is the best reason to blog. Have a great weekend in Bath.

(feel free to leave me out of the draw... as you know I've got way to much stuff already :) )
Charity said…
Happy Blogiversary!! I can't believe it's been four years - they go so quickly! :o)

I would love to win any of those amazing goodies - thank you!
Rose Red said…
happy blogthday! I agree, blogging is a great way torecird your growth as a knitter, even if you don't realise it at the time.

Bath...lovely Bath, I am very envious!

PS - your blogthday prize from me, from last year, is so much closer to being ready to send, yay!
Sue said…
Happy Blogiversary! I totally agree that blogging about your knitting is a wonderful thing to do! Those gifts do look amazing too!
sara said…
Happy Blogiversary!
Happy blogiversary! Your pictures are so lovely, as always.

I'd love to win your stitch markers; they are exquisite!
Bells said…
oh i love them all but the non-heart shaped once are my pick!

Congrats. Really love watching the world through your eyes.xo
Wendy said…
Happy blog-birthday... four years - that's great!!
Wendy said…
Congrats I love your blog - good job - I would love to win the stitch markers.
Anita said…
Hi Sarah, Happy Blogiversary. Four years...that's pretty good. It's great to share information with other bloggers out there and it's real nice visiting your blog. Kind regards, Anita.
mooncalf said…
Congratulations! I just hit three years myself.

My early posts refer to stashbusting. Apparently not much has changed.. :)
Rachel said…
I agree--looking back to the first few posts about knitting, it's amazing how far I've come (and how far I still have to go!).

I'm so glad you enjoy writing in this space so much--Happy Blogiversary! Here's to many more years! (ps, I'm loving those round buttons...very unique).
Fiona said…
Happy Blogiversary Sarah! I can't believe it's been a year since I was lucky enough to win goodies from your last anniversary give away. Please don't enter me this time, but please do keep on blogging!!
kim said…
Happy Blogiversary. My blog is only a few months old but I have discovered so many fantastic blogs in that short space of time, including yours........reading blogs is so much more fun than reading mags.

I would love to win one of your giveaways, no preference.
florrie x
Caffeine Girl said…
Happy Blogiversary! I, for one, am glad you have kept it going!

I have to say that all your goodies are darling, but the blue and white heart buttons are calling my name!
t does wool said…
Happy Blogiversary...4 are giving away some beauties Sarah.
have a fabulous week dear~
Gill said…
Happy blogaversary!! Wow four years - well done! keep going won't you??
I love the heart buttons
PS I'm about 30 miles from Bath - it's a fabulous place
Anonymous said…
yay for four fabulous years! i totally agree about the usefulness of a blog in tracking Growth as a Knitter. its great to see how far we've come, and how much we've made along the way. here's hoping for 4 more. and i loooove the stitch markers!
Happy blogiversary -- 4 years is amazing!!
Kathy said…
happy blogiversary! I'm running a celebration on my blog for my first anniversary. I'd figured out kitchener stitch by the time I started the blog, but this year I've finally mastered being able to do it without having the directions there.
Anonymous said…
Happy blogoiversary. I'm thinking of blogging...maybe with you're encouragement, I'll get busy now.

the markers are all lovely.

Anonymous said…
Congratulations. You've comea long way, both in your blogging and knitting. Keep up the good work.
Happy 4 years! I love the round buttons and the stitch markers! Thank you!
Knit Nottingham said…
belated blogiversary, been a busy few months so catching up on some blog reading and checking out ones that not read before. Love the button photos, simply to add them to my wish list for santa!
Lynne said…
Happy Blogiversary (very belated but sincerely meant)

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