Ou est la partie?

Lady Eleanor rolls into gay Paris a week late and wonders where the cheers are? Surely the crowds that welcomed those cyclists last Sunday want to give a round or two of applause for her in all her magnificence? Clearly they know nothing about being fashionably late.
Isn't she fabulous darlings?
Pattern: Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole from Scarf Style
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden - assorted colourways
Needles: 4.5mm circular needle
Started: June 2007
Finished: 2 August 2009Just love everything about this, except that it's too warm to wear it right now!! I've left it unblocked as I love the texture of the entrelac both back and front. I've had dilemmas along the way about how to change colourways etc but I like the two contrasting halves and I think the only thing I would do differently would be to hold over a little of the first colourway to add in to the fringe. Oh and knit it faster, I really did enjoy knitting this - gift knits, flashy new projects, startitis all conspired to keep Lady E down but thank goodness that a little French inspiration got her to to the top of the list.

And the photo shoot - out-takes?

Mais oui:
Here Lady E was mistaken and thought that she had to help direct the traffic away from the cyclists. Oh and is that a cat creeping in to shot?
That is so much more interesting to photograph isn't it?
I did wonder whether I was even going to get to wear her as my photographer seemed to find her rather fetching:


Lady E est tres belle!

I don't usually block my entrelac, either. I like the poufs!

Great job.
T. said…
C'est magnifique.

And yet again - loving the out-takes.
Kyoko said…
This is amazing. I really love the scarf. It's also quite good as a man's scarf too, isn't it?
Love the kitty cat photo. BTW, have I e-mailed you about Furry Fridays? Let me know if I haven't. Would love to interview you :D
Has the weather been nice over the weekend? We had a wonderful sun on Sunday so I managed to knit some lacy shawl :D Very satisfying!
Clare said…
Eee! Lovely! Well done!

Bells said…
oh she looks absolutely fantastic! What a gorgeous finished piece she is. You and RoseRed have both made such gorgeous Lady E shawls, I simply must have one next winter.

The race is over, but I'm cheering for you from Canberra!
Lea said…
bloody beautiful! hope you found the party.
Marianne said…
C'est magnifique!!!!

Loving ALL the colours, beautifully knit!
Rose Red said…
Huzzah! Huge round of applause! She's divine!

I really like the contrasting ends - very interesting. I kinda wish I hadn't blocked mine, the poufiness is very attractive.
amanda said…
Wow! This is stunning! Did you learn to knit backwards for all that entrelac?
dreamcatcher said…
Gorgeous! I love how Noro colourways can be combined, they are addictive :-)
Linda said…
Its gorgeous isn't it! Love your modelled shots Sarah, and his of course!!
Marie said…
Stunning! I love the colors and the texture.
But, oh, the time it must have taken you to knit it.
Anonymous said…
what a fabulous scarf!
Donna said…
That is absolutely lovely. I really can't get my head around entrelac at all!
DrK said…
its just gorgeous and i can see it getting a lot of wear when winter comes. a major achievement!
Lady E is beautiful! Great job in finishing her!! I love the outtakes, too :)
Tusa said…
Wow! That is beautiful. Well done.
Anonymous said…
gorgeous Lady E. I've never done entrelac but I've seen so many gorgeous Lady E's I may have to give it a go soon.
Rachel said…
Ooooh...that is amazing! Well done you!

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