Bits of Pretty

There's been a blah-ness in the air of my week, I've been not feeling so sparkly and made little headway on anything so here are some cheering bits of pretty from about the place:
Happy weekend be it long or short... aren't they always too short?


Lea said…
that is a good way to send some cheer - hope you feel better soon.
Rose Red said…
Sorry you are feeling a bit blah, hope the weekend helps get you over it.
Linda said…
I hate that blah feeling, I hope you feel a bit better. The orchid is beautiful.
Rachel said…
Those blah feelings are the worse! But you do have some pretty things surrounding you so hopefully you'll be feeling better soon! Enjoy your 'long' weekend!
DrK said…
beautiful little snap shots, sometimes its the small things that help.
Petit Filoux said…
Lovely photos! I have so many of lavender and bees this summer! And yes, weekends are definitely always too short!

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