So far, sooooo good

The cricket, the ribbing, the weekend.I'm off with the radio to the garden with all my fingers and thumbs crossed that it all continues so well (from my perspective anyway!).


amanda said…
Just read your earlier post - 80 rows of rib??? Hope you've got a Pimms to get you through it! :D
T. said…
Excellent mindless knitting!
DrK said…
i turned it on last night our time to see the english already back in. and now the newspaper has a picture of ponting on the front page looking like hes about to cry. and we lost the rugby to the allblacks by 1 point. it is not a good day to be an aussie, i tell you!
Rose Red said…
Gah, don't mention the cricket!!! But I do hope the rib continues to be in your favour!
Lea said…
how is the ribbing coming along?sorry -I can't get excited about the cricket since Rod Marsh and dennis Lillee retired.

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