Watching paint dry

I think I'm knitting my best ever garment, it's looking better than I hoped, or more accurately as good as I had hoped at this stage (this would typically be the serious misgivings stage when all that exciting potential threatens to come to no good). It is not however the most photogenic of items. Watching this grow is the knitting blog equivalent of watching paint dry:
So instead of more shots of Francis this meme I stole from Rachel and photos from my walk in the park this morning. Hurrah for gorgeous May days.
Eight Things About Me

1. My middle name is Louise
2. I've lived in Oxford for nearly 7 years now, it started to feel like home about a year ago
3. I think I hate DIY, I certainly employ my best procrastinating skills to avoid it
4. I harbour secret ambitions to run a tea shop - do you think they would like an English tea rooms in Tuscany? I could see myself there
5. I took up knitting because I have ME and needed to do something more in life than work, sit on the sofa and sleep - I think it was one of the wisest things I ever did
6. I think that lemon cake is probably the finest flavour of cake, today at least
7. I have one younger brother
8. I wouldn't like to live without tea
Eight TV shows I watch

1. I've mentioned my Murder She Wrote habit before
2. There's also: Lewis
3. Morse
4. Marple
5. Poirot
6. Midsomer Murders
7. And lately some of the US ones like: Numb3rs
8. The Mentalist

It is testament to the amount of TV I watch that I do sometimes watch things other than whodunnits...
Eight Restaurants (around Oxford) I Love

1. Mama Mias
2. Edamame
3. Cibo!
4. Wagamamas
5. Chiang Mai Kitchen
6. The Old Parsonage - for afternoon tea
7. Karma
8. The Mole Inn
Eight Things that Happened Today

1. I went for walk in the park
2. I watched Match of the Day with my 1TB
3. I spent a long time soaking in the tub
4. I knit
5. I read the paper
6. I ate leftover pizza (thanks to Rose Red for the encouragement to try this recipe)
7. I played on Bookmooch
8. I
wrote this

Ah the pleasures of a lazy Sunday.
Eight Things I Look Forward To

1. Sitting on my sofa with my knitting
2. My dinner
3. Birthdays, Christmas, any days with excuses for celebrations
4. Cracking the spine of a great book
5. Daylight hours getting longer
6. Finishing socks - mainly because the knitting finishes and a tiny bit of sewing later you're done
7. Sleep
8. My first sip of tea for the day
Eight Things I Wish For

1. Kindness - to each other, creatures, the planet
2. More time to knit
To be able to eat anything I fancied without worrying about how fattening it is
4. Teleporting
5. More bookshelves (or walls to put them on)
6. A garden swing seat
7. A gardener (and a cleaner)
That all my family and friends lived no more than an hour away
Eight Songs I Just Listened To
(I never know what any songs I listen to are called so I'm changing this for Eight Favourite Bands/Artists)

1. Massive Attack
2. Lamb
3. The Drifters
4. Amy Winehouse
5. The Doors
6. The Beach Boys
7. Eels
8. Sparklehorse
Eight Favourite Movies

1. The Thomas Crown Affair
2. Amelie
3. The Usual Suspects
4. Memento
5. LA Confidential
6. Dogma
7. Lost in Translation
8. Finding Neverland
Well if you made it to the end then perhaps you like to read these weird little memes as much as I do - let me know if you do this one, I'd love to read it.


dreamcatcher said…
Nice meme, I might do this one myself (although I'd be struggling on the restaurants front!).

Congratulations on having your blog featured in the new "Knitting" magazine too! My sub copy arrived yesterday and I was very pleased to see the lovely little write-up they did :-)
Marianne said…
I also really like Amy Winehouse! and Finding Neverland is one of my ALL time favourites!
Oh? a bit of a write up in the new Knitting magazine? Famous are you now? ;^) Sweet!
Lea said…
what a great meme - I do love a meme and will have to do that one soon. I love your photos too - I feel like I am in that park with you.
Bells said…
oh yeah, paint drying. It's why I haven't blogged my current pi blanket much. yawn! But I am very excited to see you unveil what you deem your best work yet!!

I might do the 8 things later in the week when ideas a running thin on the ground.
T. said…
Yeah! I just learned so much about you. LEt me know when you open your tea shop in Tuscany...I'll be your first customer.
Anonymous said…
Great meme! Sounds like we share a love of detective TV shows and tea!
Rose Red said…
Great meme, love the pictures too!

Isn't it wonderful to be knitting your favourite garment ever! Even better is wearing it, so hope you'll be wearing yours soon! (I'm wearing mine right now!)
Lynne said…
I could have written that list of TV shows!!

And I'm rather partial to a cup of tea and something sweet to eat!!
Kath said…
Made me laugh to see that after your '8 things' Meme you had 8 comments - although I'll have spoiled that now ;)
I love this meme...know so much about you already. I too wish to have my own tea house/knitting shop. I think that would be a great combination, but it would have to be next to a gym (with good dance/yoga/pilate classes)so I could burn off the calories from eating too much cake.
Rachel said…
Wow--that was fast! Great meme to learn more about you! You know, I hate listing favorite movies. There are so many. And your list reminded me how much I loved Usual Suspects and Memento. And LA Confidential. And Lost in Translation. get the point! :)
I always like reading Meme :) Beautiful pictures of the park!!
Linda said…
Loved reading your meme! In knitting magazine? I will have to go and look at that!
Modelwidow said…
Love the pictures, and interesting meme.
How lovely to have your blog in 'Knitting' I bet you feel (rightly) chuffed.
raining sheep said…
You have just reminded me to pick up my camera that really has not seen the light of day for weeks. I love lemon cake too :)
amanda said…
Oh I love these memes too - am so, so nosey!
Gosia said…
This is weird - we have very similar tastes in music!!! Gosia x

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