Sock Innovation - yippee!

It's here, it's here, it's really, really here! Until I clasped this in my clammy paws on Friday afternoon I did not dare to believe the emailed dispatch note could be telling the truth - the long awaited, much anticipated, envy maxing Sock Innovation mine - all mine - in time for the weekend? Indeed:So I loves it like I knew I would, I'm a big fan of the cuff down approach and so this book suits me very well. The design/construction information is brilliant, I'm not too sure I will ever feel the need to design a sock from scratch given the never ending list of patterns I want to knit but it's so helpful for understanding and customising what already exists. In my first buzz through I've already learnt that I could swap in an afterthought heel very easily for the short row heels I'm not so keen on.

However in a very non-innovative way I've dug straight into a pattern I'm unlikely to change at all - Angee for me first up and I'm loving the layout with multiple charts. I think it actually scared me off choosing a couple of the other patterns as it makes some of them look quite daunting but in practice it means that the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. I should lodge that piece of information somewhere useful in my brain - a short pattern may actually sometimes be the hardest to knit!

PS - if you have the book and haven't checked this link for errata I would recommend you do.


amanda said…
Oh it seems like ages since I knit a good sock! I may need to get this book!
marycatharine said…
Everyone seems to love that book. That's an interesting observation about patterns, one of my favorite designers is Ann Hanson and her patterns are on the long but easy to follow side.
Rose Red said…
Very nice!!! And thanks for the errata link, I hadn't checked that!! must bookmark it!

I know what you mean about the charts - some look VERY daunting but in a way, it makes you follow them closely, so less likely to stuff up!
Caffeine Girl said…
I'll be waiting to hear how Angee goes for you. I have it in hibernation at the moment -- for some reason I kept making dumb mistakes. Hope it goes smoothly for you!
Anonymous said…
I think I shall have to break my duck and have a go at knitting a pair of socks, it seems I am missing out on some fun and fab foot wear!
Charity said…
Hooray! Glad to hear you are enjoying this book - I have it on reserve at our library, and am waiting impatiently for it! :o)
Linda said…
Hurray, it arrived! I love top down socks too. (Love your slippers in the last post!)
Oh that's an interesting book! I do like what you have been knitting recently (refering to past blog post.

I still haven't got around knitting my socks, but I do have some nice Harry Potter yarns.
DrK said…
oh i love those, and they will look great in that colour! look forward to seeing how they turn out.
Anna said…
How perfect to get this just in time to cast on! Love the green you've chosen.

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