My Best FO Yet

Pattern: Francis Revisited
Yarn: Rowan Summer Tweed, Puff, 9.5 balls
Needles: 6mm Harmony Circulars, a couple of lengths
Started: 27 March 2009
Finished: 20 May 2009
Modifications: Row gauge was off so I moved the shaping rows around. I added three extra increase rounds to make the cowl neck bigger to match the larger size and try and ensure that I got the same look as the original, if I did this again I'd make it bigger still. I think its common in patterns that the collar or neck is not any larger on larger sizes and can look a bit small when it's balanced against a larger size than the sample.

Very definitely my best jumper yet. It's true that there aren't many competitors in the race as I've only finished five fitted garments each of which has its issues:
there's the vest that doesn't have the most flattering necklineFlair with her insufficiently double-breasted front and irritating length sleeves,
Mum's cabled cardigan that was a pain in the creating and my two shrugs - Iris which I loved when it was finished but which rides up to sit over my boobs when I wear it (not quite the look I was after) and the KSH shrug which is very pretty but was far from my original hope for it.
I do have a fondness for all of these items, they're part of my knitting history and though I've picked on their faults here they all have their good points. Still Francis beats them all as she's the closest in feel and fit to what I originally envisaged when I started knitting and it was a fun knit too. I'm sure that even if there were many more she'd be close to the top of the pile, a definite winner.

What's that? I haven't shown you many photos of her? No, but don't I look happy up there at the top? This must have been early on in the photo extravaganza that took place in an effort to get a decent shot of this jumper. Between cats, bad posture, bad hair moments, sneery faces and unrealistic body image there isn't another shot I'm really happy with. Still I know if I were reading this I'd want to see a sample of the failed attempts so here to entertain you are a few of the best of the worst of my blog photo shoots ever:
Jumper good, tummy held in, but the concentration was too much to get a smile out too. See the cat in the top left? No? Oh don't worry, the 1TB was much more interested in photo-ing her than me:
Then there was the idea of posing with the cat:
Or maybe sitting down with her on my lap (I think I'm checking the sleeve for damage from the scrabbling claws of the escape artist):
Or perhaps the other cat, or perhaps not:
Crikey I think this one is actually okay if you don't look too closely at my hair:
And I like this one if only I wasn't sneering:Oh no wait, here's the sneery one:
What a bloody good job I like the jumper!


Julie said…
Woohoo! There's nothing like finishing something and loving the result! Congratulations!
mooncalf said…
That is a great sweater and I bet you wear it to death! Congratulations on a very successful FO :)
Bells said…
oh this made me laugh and laugh because it brought back memories of every time I've gone through this same ordeal. I very much like your approach! Oh and I LOVE the jumper. It's beautiful and it suits you so very well.
Lynne said…
The jumper is lovely. Very brave of you to post the other photos! You made me smile! :-)
marycatharine said…
It's beautiful! You look great it in, pictures are the hardest part of any FO :)
Lea said…
Oh I can relate so much to your photos issues - but it and you look just gorgeous. You make me giggle!
DrK said…
that is a really lovely jumper and it looks great. im with you on the things past that havent quite worked, i have a few i dont wear! but i really think flair looks lovely on you, i wouldnt be hiding that one away..i am going to go look for that pattern!
Rose Red said…
You do look so happy in the first shot - but I kinda like the last one - very Top Model!

It's lovely - love the sleeves, the edging and the length, I'm not surprised you are so happy with it!
Geek Knitter said…
Oh dear, but some of those are funny!

Well done, it's lovely!
florencemary said…
Well done with Francis; it does look good on you, and I love the sequence of photos! I think you should just blame the photographer, like I do!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE your photos! So funny! My family can't believe how many pictures I make them take just to find one that I like. It's fun to see the 'outtakes' sometimes too! The jumper is really lovely - you should be very proud of it! The colour looks great on you too.
T. said…
That's how my photo shoots go too!! Love your commentary on every pic. But seriously - it is lovely and I think the colour is gorgeous.
blog-blethers said…
I love the jumper ... and the out takes:o)
Littlelou said…
Thats the best laugh I've had all day!!! And well done on the sweater
Anonymous said…
Congrats on being mentioned in Knitting mag. Great jumper and looked like you had a fun photo shoot.
Kelly said…
Absolutely lovely. I bet you'll get a lot of wear out of that one. And the photos are a hoot.
dreamcatcher said…
Francis looks great and a gorgeous colour too. Some of those photos are very amusing ;-) Love the way the cat did her best to escape here, yet is happily posing in the post above!
Anonymous said…
I love your jumper - and your photo shoot. Y

ou've made me rethink Francis Revisited as a project. It looks fabulous on you!
Kai said…
Francis is on my to-do list. I love yours and I am so with you on the photo shoot issues, especially holding in the stomach and smiling at the same time! :D
Anonymous said…
Loved looking at your fab knitwear and laughing at your witty captions. Found you via the Knitting mag...glad I did...come on over and visit me some time! I'll put the kettle on! :)
Marianne said…
Hey.. I love ALL your knitting projects (I see nothing wonky about that vest neckline!).
This one though, absolutely lovely and that colour on you? Yowza!
Love all the photos, had me smiling, and love your wit!
Kyoko said…
Love the jumpers! There is nothing so satisfying as finishing up the jumpers you have been knitting.
Thank you for sharing your photos! You look gorgeous :D
Way to go! It looks great on you!! I love all the other photos you shared :) And I might add, all the other sweaters look lovely as well :)

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