The blog is...

..two years old today!

Here are some of things the blog is about:

In fine blogging tradition I have a little prize giveaway to celebrate and say thank you to all you readers for your input and contributions that make me love blogging so.

I've noticed a growing obsession in my heart for badges - or buttons if you prefer. There are so many cute ones around now, Etsy is a wonderful source for them. Actually, a quick aside, I've always wondered if badges as I know them are buttons then how are buttons still buttons? Ooh the word button starts to look very odd when you type it repeatedly. Button, button, button. I once bought the 1TB some buttons as a souvenir of a US trip - I thought they were to be sewed on to his jeans and so it was quite pleasing to find that they were just ready to go to be pinned on.

So anyway, whatever you call them, I love them and to share my love with you I have gathered the gorgeous wee ones pictured around this post for you to win. Just leave me a comment on this post by the end of November to explain about the button/button thing if you can, to tell me about your love for small items you pin on or just to say Hi and I'll select someone at random. Please don't be shy if you haven't commented before - it's always nice to know who's out there reading, sharing in this lovely place of mine.

I saved this one on the right from the I Knit day in September and I included an extra Bob in an order from Ravelry - now is this technically a pin rather than a badge/button?

And how's this for confusing - badges made of pictures of buttons.

I bet if I do a Wordle after this post the word button will show up BIG :o)


happy blogversary:) I never know what to call them either or what the difference is. I love to make tiny knitted or fabric badges to pin on a scarf or shawl
T. said…
Happy Blog-day! I think in Canada we generally call them badges.
Linda said…
Happy blogiversary to you!
I have always known them as badges but have heard them called pins, buttons, pin buttons! Who knows why!
My son collects them (among the many collections he has!)and got given a lovely book on enamel badges.
Charity said…
Happy Blogiversary!! Two years have flown by! :0)
Marianne said…
Happy Blogibirthday! and yes, I agree with Charity, the past two years HAVE just flown!
As to the buttons..pins...badges.. I really never knew what to call them either, but I have just a few old ones... a Jimi Hendrix dating back to the late 60s. ;^)
Caffeine Faerie said…
Happy blogiversary! Two years old... and a fine vintage it is. :)

May there be many more blogiversaries to come!
Bells said…
Happy blogiversary Sarah!

Such cute buttons. I'm not sure on the difference between a badge and a button but suspect it might be something about fabric v hard?
Rose Red said…
Happy blogthday! Me, I call them badges - I think "buttons" in this sense is very American. But I'd definitely call Bob a pin!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your 2nd Anaversary! Its funny buttons/badge/pin thing, my daughter and I have lots of fun making badges.
Lynne said…
Happy blogiversary.

Very cute badges/buttons. Maybe we should call them badgons or butges!
Rachel said…
Happy blogiversary! No need to enter me in the contest, just wanted to say congrats for 2 years of blogging. I'm glad I found you a few months ago...I've enjoyed reading!
Happy blogversary. I use to collect badges when I was young, the box is still at my Mums.

raining sheep said…
Wow, two years. Happy blog-a-versary. It will only be a year for me in January. Yours was one of the first blogs I discovered and love reading regularly. and....I just call them buttons.
Littlelou said…
Happy blogiversary to ya! Well done on 2 years..shucks. I am all blogged out taking part in NaBloPoMo but only a few more days to go. I love of my treasured posessions is my Krankies badge I got from the duo personally on my 10th b'day when I went to see their show (23 yrs ago!) Ouch. xx
Floderten said…
Happy Blogversary! :)

I love button pins. Or whatever you call them. I used to have some that I pinned on my bag (I think one of them said "Don't look at me, don't speak to me, don't come near me" or something like that - ah, youth!) but I've been thinking about getting some to put on my jackets/bags again. Except these new ones would be pleasant. ;)
Happy 2 year blogiversary!!

We call them buttons in the US, but it is very confusing when you're actually talking about buttons that you sew onto clothes! I sometimes call them pins instead :)
Knitted Gems said…
Congrats on your blogversary! I love your knitting button - too funny!
Modelwidow said…
Happy 2nd blogiversary, no need to enter me in the comp though, I'll leave more chance for those really into badges/buttons to win but just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog.
As for the name thingy - I always assumed button was american for badge - but what do I know?
Lea said…
badges - absolutely. they are wonderful aren't they?
katie said…
happy bloggy day to you and please stick me in your draw! Thank you for thinking of it!

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