What you see is what you get

Project Spectrum has made me think much more about how people have their colours. Colours that you seem to see more than others, not because they are brighter or stronger to the world but because they are to you. Inside and out I am surrounded by the greens, browns and metallics yet they make much less impact to my view of the world.
For the first couple of months of Project Spectrum photos jumped out at me while this time I've looked much harder for them - the greens, browns and metallics are there in far more plentiful variations than the reds, oranges and pinks but I rarely see them. These makes me realise one of the reasons I feel winter is so colourless; although we are rarely whited out with snow it is mainly brown and green colours that abound outside.

I wonder whether how we see colours is simply a matter of the numbers of types of cone cells in our retinas or something we learn? However we get there, I love the thought that the same image of a room or view must look subtly different depending on your colour viewfinder.

Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rafaelrubira/133925088/

Photo from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazy_jenius/2252102401/


Kai said…
It's true! It's amazing how every person sees colours slightly differently. Blues are seen as purples and reds as dark pinks. It's all about eye perception.

Love the photos BTW. :)
Marianne said…
There aren't too many colours I dislike although plenty I don't want to live with in close proximity... that said... I love the greens, browns, although certainly more partial to the silvers, tarnished or not, and coppers (tarnished or verde gris)..
raining sheep said…
Pretty mosaic. I think we all see colors differently because we all have different favorite colors. I can't settle on one color - I love a clear, sky blue, I love green of almost any kind...I love browns...and the list goes on.
Bells said…
I was never really one for colour. I just didn't really notice them. But now that I knit and take photos, it's a different thing altogether and I'm loving seeing how PS is bringing out the colour vision in people. Marvellous stuff.
Linda said…
I notice colour so much more these days, especially seeing lovely photos like that!

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