Have sock will travel

To Cornwall for a couple of days and then me Mammy and I are off to see the delights of Cardiff for the Bank Holiday weekend.

A 5 day weekend now why don't they come round more often?

Can't beat a sock as a travel project and if I don't pack anything else I should have a shiny new pair of socks to present to the other half for his birthday on Monday.

Thank you all for your lovely words about my little peg dolls - any suggestions for other literary country girls I should base the next one on? I have three more blank faces to illuminate.


Kai said…
Yay for travelling socks! :D

Hope you have a fabulous break with your Mum.

Also, how about Scarlette O'Hara? Or Elizabeth Bennet? Two different extremes, but two very strong females. :)
florencemary said…
Have a lovely time with mumsie! Looking forward to seeing the finished socks...

How about Tess (of the D'Urbervilles)? A feisty lass, but with a sorry tale to tell - perhaps in her happier moments with Angel? (Thomas Hardy is one of my fave authors of all time).
Marianne said…
That's some Very lovely green yarn you're knitting socks with.

Have a Fabulous holiday!
Hee.. yes, Scarlett and Tess!
raining sheep said…
Have a great time on your mini-getaway...I love the amazing green yarn of your sock. Socks truly are the most portable project.
Enjoy your loooooong weekend! Those socks are going to look great :)
Charity said…
Have a wonderful time away, and bring lots of pictures home with you! My hubby is from Wales, and I'm always longing for a better look. :0)
Rose Red said…
Long weekends are always good! Hope you have a lovely time.

Now, for country heroines...I'd definitely do the Bennett girls from P&P, or the Dashwoods from S&S, or even Emma (although I'm not overly fond of her myself)!
Bells said…
Catherine Earnshaw! So wild! And Jane Eyre.

Have a fabulous trip. What a lovely lot of places to go. Looking forward to photos of the west country!
terri said…
oooooh, have a lovely weekend!!!! I miss out on Bank hopliday weekends as I'm normally working:-(
Linda said…
have a great time in Cornwall.

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