Thank yous and Snuggly Socks

Two of the nicer things in life!

First of all a big thank you for all the kind and thoughtful comments on my last post; the ME is not something I want to dwell on here as knitting and blogging are great escapes for me but I'm glad I got it out there, it seems more honest and it's helping me already to have done it. Thank you friends.Secondly, a huge thank you to Knitty in Pink. I brought her back a couple of skeins of Koigu from Imagiknit and the lovely, thoughtful lady that she is she didn't just send me some yarn as a swap (but yum oh yum look at that Kureyon) but she knitted me a wonderful pair of Dashing as well - she saw I had them in my sidebar and rustled them up in this heavenly Rowan Yorkshire Tweed. Big thumbs up!
Thirdly the socks:These went straight on the hoof the morning they were finished and stayed on all day so I think they fall in to the Winner pile.
Pattern: Based on the Garter Stitch Rib from SKS
Yarn: Just under 200g pure undyed Alpaca from The Humming Herd, Cornwall - chosen in the main because of the Cornishness but it is lovely yarn wherever you are from! It's possibly a little loosely spun to make socks the most sensible project choice but I have four more skeins to play with
Needles: 3mm Bamboo DPNs
Started: 1 December 2007
Finished: 20 January 2008
Notes: Despite the yarn starting life not more than a few miles from my parents' home these are well travelled socks having been to San Francisco and back. Once the pressure of them being a Christmas knit was lifted I fell into the gentle rhythm of the simple pattern. I'm fond of this rib stitch as you only need to purl stitches on every other row so it's almost a plain stocking stitch sock but with the fit of a ribbed one. I subbed in 1x1 rib for the top because I used alpaca rather than wool and it is less stretchy. By the by I read an interesting article on alpaca by Clara Parkes in Interweave Knits which makes me crave her book even more.
My favourite part of the whole sock? The garter stitch border on the heel flap. It's the little things that get me!


Janey said…
Funny..I'm knitting socks from SKS and I love that garter stitch edge too!

Lovely socks and beautiful Dashing! Lucky you!!
florencemary said…
Ooo, that Cornish yarn looks gorgeous! And what a beautiful shade of blue for the Dashing mitts. Sounds like you have a bit of zing back - yay!
Charity said…
I was just thinking today that garter rib socks should be next on my list... yours are great! And what a nice swap, I think knitters are just so wonderful. :0)
Linda said…
Gosh, those socks look super cosy!
Seahorse said…
So much lovely stuff in this post! The socks are great :)
dreamcatcher said…
So glad you like the Dashings (and the Noro!), you are most welcome!

Lov the socks too, I really like textured socks in that kind of pale oatmeal yummy yarn :-)
blog-blethers said…
oooh am so impressed with the garter stitch border! I tried it when knitting a pattern from SKS but mine looked so untidy when I picked up the stitches later, that 2nd sock was minus garter stitch. I need to practice more I think!

Hope you had a restorative and relaxing break in Cornwall ... and that your flare up is dampening down. I have chronic fatigue as part of the syndrome that goes along with my RA. Am having a flare up too at the mo - a TINY joint in the pads of both feet is driving me daft. But, hey, its an excuse to wear my 'ugly' crocs without the household moaning;)
Piglottie said…
Such lovely presents. And I love the socks! I'm a sucker for a garter stitched ridge as well :)
what a loevly pile of goodies....

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