My lucky number.
I am the proud recipient of not one but two fabulous prizes from super wonderful bloggers. When you consider the recent package of pretty in pink yarn as well I think this officially makes me the luckiest blogger :o) It's such a privilege to be part of this amazing community.My first parcel is from the very generous Queen of the Froggers who gave away all her lace weight yarn having concluded that she didn't like to knit with it. I won the beautiful greens wool mix and as if her generosity was not enough she also included a purty stitch marker and a lovely lavender sachet. THANK YOU!The second parcel is from the equally generous Katie who not content with giving away a prize for the 1,000th comment on her blog gave away two additional ones :o) So much fantastic stuff here: expect the blogging to improve with the great book, very pretty green buttons in there, fabulous Rowanspun and my personal favourite item these very clever envelopes recycled from books. THANK YOU!I'm not superstitious but I shall always have a soft spot in my heart for 13 from now on; QoftheF made her draw on Friday 13th and I was the 13th commenter on Katie's prize post.


Marianne said…
Oh my! Lucky you, Lady! What fabulous packages, just full of goodies! That lace weight yarn is very pretty, love that green! also the fabric for the lavender sachet.
Mercy, Katie is incredibly clever, all the things she does/makes.. love it all, really, too cool!
Linda said…
Glad you like it! x
Unknown said…
Wow, I would love 13, too! Congrats on those great packages.
Piglottie said…
What lovely presents! Aren't bloggers generous? I too have been lucky lately - I think its a crafting thing ;)
Charity said…
Woo Hoo! What awesome treasures! :0)
florencemary said…
Oooh, you lucky girl, what lovely presents! The adjectives 'thoughtful', 'interesting' and 'lovely' come to mind!

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