What's a Girl to Do?

When someone put a pond where her lawn used to be?

Why throw on some snuggly socks of course ;o)

Pattern: My own design!! Based on instructions from the Socks, Socks, Socks course.Yarn: Hand dyed Trekking Sock Yarn: Blueberry, 75% wool, 25%polyamide. About 90gms.
Needles: 2mm bamboo dpns
Started: June 23rd 2007
Finished: July 20th 2007
New Skills: Old Norwegian cast on, twisted cable ribNotes: I stuck to the basics with these: just a little cable rib in the cuff for decoration, plain stocking stitch to show off the yarn, slip stitch heel flap, round heel, wedge toe. I am so proud of them as they are as close to perfect as anything I have made so far. I took time to get things just right and I love having really consolidated what sock knowledge I had and built on it to feel more confident with all of the components and with sizing in particular. I had such a joyous time on the course that I feel the memory of that in these socks. Definitely happy making socks. Thanks Gosia.


I? said…
Gosh, these are positively gorgeous! Good job. xx
Marianne said…
Sarah, they're beautiful socks and look so comfy and cozy...I'm so proud of you, doesn't it feel grand?

er...nice pond...(we've been getting those also)
Linda said…
Brilliant socks and very cosy looking. We will have to find a pattern for a boat next!
Piglottie said…
Beautiful socks! I love the colour and the little twisted cable rib. I think it takes a while to work out what you personally like on socks and get it right, but you seem to have mastered it easily! :)

Hope you are OK with all the rain and that it doesn't get any worse.
Sarah Ditum said…
Oh Sarah, I hope your garden and your house are ok. We are definitely having strange times this summer. Glad you had a bit of cosiness ready to curl up with - wonderful design job on the socks.
Seahorse said…
Erk at the flood! Hope it doesn't come any nearer the house.

The socks are gorgeous!
Sarah said…
Thank you all for your compliments :)

The flood has receded and I think the house is pretty safe thank you. Fingers crossed as more rain is expected tomorrow :(
acrylik said…
The socks are absolutely gorgeous. Hope you are OK and the flood has receded by now.

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