Goodbye Miss Meanie...

...hello best daughter award winner. You may remember my reluctance to allow my Mama's scarf its full complement of the heavenly Debbie Bliss silk. I grumped over the fact it needed two skeins for a fair while but this weekend I knuckled down and lo, my Mama shall have a scarf that circumnavigates her neck with ease.Pattern: Easy Lace Scarf from Knitter's Review
Yarn: Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss, Colour: 27003, just under 100g
Needles: 4.5mm bamboo straights
Started: May 12th 2007
Finished: July 12th 2007
New Skills: First full lace pattern
Modifications: I added 5 more garter stitches each side of the central fan to make a slightly wider scarf
Notes: This is not a two month knit - that was all due to the grump, it is quick easy and fun to do - just enough pattern to keep me interested and not so much that I spent too much time going back to correct. Obviously there was some tinking (note to self - knitting in the dark in the garden to make the most of the one proper summers day so far in 2007 does not make for good progress). I am not over the moon delighted with this, I think mainly because I love the yarn with unnatural passion and I'm not sure that the pattern lives up to it. This silk feels like I think silk should feel. I'm not sure I can explain this but I remember the first time I felt a silk shirt it was a huge disappointment to the child that had revelled in imagining silk. This yarn hits the silk mark set out in my imagination, it is beautiful. I must find other small projects for it.


Janey said…
Your mum should be thrilled, it's beautiful! Great pic as always!!
Marianne said…
Beyond lovely, your Mother will be very pleased I'm sure. I know what you mean about the silk..there's the raw kind of silk (which is a bit..rough) and then there's
Sarah Ditum said…
Very pretty scarf, and very noble you! (By the way, my local John Lewis had bags of DB silk half price - have you had a look in your's lately?)
Charity said…
This is lovely, Sarah, what a wonderful gift for your mum! (I'm sure she'll appreciate the sacrifice, and after making such a noble gift, surely you deserve to go out and pick up something nice for yourself, right?) :0)
Linda said…
It does look pretty. I had some silk laceweight once that was horrible, so hard and slippy. I have just got some 2 ply silk from Fyberspates, what a diference, the stuff is so soft it is my dream yarn!
Reckless Glue said…
beautiful! It just dawned on me that I should do something like this in silk for my own mum!
Artis-Anne said…
I am certain your Mum will be thrilled with it especially as you have knitted it and silk too? wow :)
Cornish pasty cake. The buttercream icing is inside. I used ready to roll on the outside. I did it in two pieces, crimped them together and trimmed with scissors. It was very faffy!!
Sarah said…
Wow your mum will love it. I adore the DB Pure Slk too. I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

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