Sensations gathered from Providence

Red adirondack chairs in Providence yard
A guest bed piled with gifts of welcome
Wooden houses in a spin of colours beneath glorious trees
The beauty of home
Garden gate under trees
Red cardinals
Wind rustling through leaves
The thump of raindrops pouring down
The poppoppop of corn
My own heartbeat
Very pink pinks
Warm dogs
Glorious blooms
Books of paper and pixels
Soft hollows of sea worn shells
By longing for the arms of my Mr
Dogwood blossoms, May, Providence
Fresh linens
Scented baths
Lily of the valley
Friendship from a group of women catching up over coffee and buns


Gerri said…
Oh, sweet bliss... I'm so happy to hear you felt nurtured and enjoyed your visit to the states Love...
xxO miss you bunches!!

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