Dwelling in the Squam feeling

Well no surprise here - my first Squam at the Lake was such fun! Days simply playing like kids at a camp. I haven't been this excited by knitting since I sat under some olive trees, and I didn't even take any knitting classes at this Squam! Just spending time with my lovely cabin mates and taking in all the knitting conversations have me feeling the way I used to about the special stitches. Oh wool, just in time for summer, it's a date!

Trying a little video of some of my pictures - with a cheeky little soundtrack courtesy of my old favourites Air. Despite the evidence of these images there were many other people there with me after the first couple of days. Too busy making stuff, crying with laughter and feeding my face to take many photos after my first walks in the woods apparently!

It seems a given that it will be a wonderful time staying at the lake and participating in the workshops with so many fellow creative creatures. Every need is take care of by the hoards of camp staff, Elizabeth and Kaitlyn. There is so much care and love lavished upon all the participants. With so many delicious ingredients it's a recipe destined for success. The retreats I've been on these past two years have taught me that trying to capture the essence of it within you and carry it with you out from that fairytale bubble and in to the harsher setting of the real world is a trickier business. My hope is that I am becoming more practiced at cultivating feelings of deep contentment and bubbling creativity, that I can replenish them regularly so that every day has a sprinkling of the Squam magic about it.


Gerri said…
Oh so good to hear Squam Lake spoke to you. I felt the same about the sea and I know the city will bring magic too. The video images are amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing and much hugs and love to you! xxO

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