12of12 - January

Kicking off a new blogging project for me this year, inspired by my lovely friend Amy.
1. Dinosaurs at breakfast time as we spent the weekend with friends. 2. The view from their house of the Peaks. 3. Travelling with Mr Sarah generally involves luggage by Ikea! 4. My role on car journeys is always navigator. 5. One beautiful shot from the car in the Peaks. 6. Breaking the journey in Ashbourne, love this roof. 7. Still in the car hours later. 8. Food needed before home. 9. The perfect, gorgeous package waiting for me from dear Yvonne. 10. Relaxing with Pinterest and my new cushion cover in the background. 11. A little touch of craft with telly later. 12. Pleased to be in bed with my current book quite early.
My day yesterday felt mainly like it was spent in the car but I saved you from twelve shots of the road and tried to capture some of the other moments as well!


Gerri said…
I hope to join in for February. :)
Rose Red said…
What a cool idea! Nice snapshot(s) of your day! I will try to join in for February!

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