Mama made

Feeling so spoiled with my handmade Christmas gifts that I thought they deserved a little spotlight. Such cosiness.

Mum made me a pair of socks. Love. I just adore everything about them. Special pattern: one she really enjoys knitting by Alice Yu, this one I think, though we always refer to them as the honeycombs. Guess we see bees everywhere! Special yarn: we saw this Rico Tweed yarn as a sample knit up in a shop in Tavistock back last autumn and they told us it had been discontinued. I knew Mum had tracked down a ball online but didn't realise she'd bought one for each us. Special fit: custom heel and she knit them to the toes and then on Christmas morning I tried them on and then over the rest of the holidays she finished off the toes so they fit me exactly! Special love: we tell each other all the time, in oh so many ways, how much we love each other and whenever I have made  her a pair of socks I've always been so pleased to know her toes are being loved when I'm not there with her, so my toes are feeling very blessed.

As if that wasn't enough she also made me the gorgeous cushion cover  in the background of the shot - it has nine appliqu├ęd apples on the front in nine of the prettiest fabrics. So beautiful! So if the socks are loving my toes, the cushion must be loving my butt :)


Lynne said…
How lovely that you and you mum make things for each other. I knit for my mum occasionally but she did all her knitting for me in the past!
Unknown said…
They're wonderful and look so snuggly.
Kai said…
Oh so pretty! I love the socks and the cushions looks so lovely too. :)
Rose Red said…
I think Handknit socks are one of the most special gifts ever. They are gorgeous.

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