I feel like I'm stalking my next knitting project like a slow, lame hunter! I've tried to tempt it towards me with chocolate and plump cushions but all I've managed is to trim four contenders down to two.

Two from the Brooklyn Tweed autumn collection were the first that caught my eye. Well, what am I saying, every pattern that team releases catches my eye. I'm not sure I do the stalking I think they are the ones luring me in to casting them all on! Still, two of the stand out collection, both by Veronik Avery, stood out:
Feather by Véronik Avery
Coal Cardigan knitting pattern by Veronik Avery, Brooklyn Tweed
Then Solstice frolicked into view. When I saw Fiona's at RedFox Retreat back in October I had very itchy fingers and if I'd yarn to hand it would have been cast on there and then leaving my Twist and Shout gathering dust in the corner and Coal and Feather swept away in a fit of startitis.
Solstice Cardigan knitting pattern by Cecily MacDonald
Solstice Cardigan by Cecily MacDonald
I'd never noticed this pattern before but seeing it in a vibrant red looking so beautiful on lovely Fiona it jumped out but I held off while I finished the cardigan in progress (such maturity!). Life meandered on and even when Twist and Shout was cast off I found myself dithering over which one to begin on, then taking advantage of my indecisiveness along came another gorgeous cardigan pattern, another BT collection of power and a beauty by Gudrun:
Little Wave by Gudrun Johnston
Saddle shouldered! Elbow patches! Delicious dilemmas! I want them all but realistically I might be doing well if I get one knit this year.

So I've chased away the first two as they don't have pockets and I am heartily sick of garments without pocketses. So it's just Solstice and Little Wave skittering around. There's a way to go in this hunt yet but I've picked off the yarn I'm going to use though - small victory!
It's going to be Donegal Silk Tweed in Blue John from New Lanark Mill. Inspired by, of all things, a jumper worn by Colin Farrell in the film Seven Psychopaths. Knitters they may not follow the plot but they always pay attention to the wardrobe! Maybe another movie will make me choose one of the remaining two.


Fiona said…
ha, this is brilliant! Knitting decisions can be the most complicated ;) Little wave looks fab, I'm a sucker for chevrons.
And of course when you're watching Colin Farrell, you're concentrating on his knitwear! I do this all the time too, assess the costumes in films - and I'll admit I watch ballet shoes mainly for the knitwear :)
Rose Red said…
I dither over cardigan patterns all the time! Made harder because Ia cruelly have the yarn for a good, oh, 15 cardigans in stash already (shhh, don't tell anyone!). And I haven't actually completed a cardigan for myself for two years (although I have started a few!). Oh dear! I know you will do better than me!
Anita said…
lol Stalking? I thought that was an essential attribute every knitter possessed?
Cheers, Anita.

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