S L O W. . .

is my word for the weekend. After the swirl of excitement of the last one I'm delighted that the days ahead have little shape or schedule to it, a dinner out on Sunday evening is the only fixture. No plans but plenty of ideas of how to slowly enjoy it, savour it, steep in it. Sewing perhaps? This piece of muslin has been making suggestions of what it would like to be, the fabric shop is calling for materials for a whole wardrobe suitable for a focus on lounging and my tapestry is a happy way to occupy hands and let thoughts drift. My garden would like a little attention I am sure. Maybe I'll make good on a throw away promise of making August the month to learn how to make macaroons. I'll bet on dreaming some more and following up trails from the Folksy inspiration blast. I'd love to dig in to the films online from one of the speakers, Nick Hand.  I pinned a peachy cocktail that would tantalise my tastebuds. Greenery Street is a gentle stop in my soft summer book collection. No shortage of delicious things to contemplate, s l o w l y, from this happy vantage point of the whole weekend stretched out ahead.


Unknown said…
Lots of interesting, and tasty, things to try your hand at, should the mood take you. That cocktail sounds delicious. Whatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope you have fun. x

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