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Embroidery of smile, breathe, go slowly on calico

The first thing I did after writing here was of course none of the things I was contemplating. Love that. After futzing around on the interwebs a little longer I had a thought to make a little embroidery. So I scared up a scrap of calico and spent some time with some words that are of great importance to me. I think I first found this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh via this post from a favourite blog Zen Habits and it's been living over in my sidebar ever since. Just because it is there though doesn't mean I remember this wisdom when I need it most, it's so easy to stop seeing what is in front of us regularly. I chose a favourite thread, sat quietly on the sofa and enjoyed stitching these words mindfully so very much. I felt like I did the first time I read them. Starting that evening with a deep, slow, breath and holding these words at the forefront of my mind this weekend is really helping me to dig in to each moment just as I wished when I wrote the post on Friday. I'll be trying to remember these words when I step out from my happy, homely, bubble of zen this week.


Lynne said…
Great advice indeed!
Rose Red said…
So true! Love the lovely thread too.

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