Day one

Bramley apples on the tree against the blue sky

Deck chair on my lawn in dappled sunlight

Bowl of home grown plums

Hand knitted sock in progress

Blue skies above trees
Excuse me if I am a little melodramatic. After finishing up nearly eleven years in the same company doing the full time plus routine yesterday there is something 'first day of the rest of my life' about today! So I felt it only fitting to start as I mean to go on: no unachievable to do lists, no rushing from here to there, no busy busy. Plenty of whimsy, catching up with some mundane house matters and a date with a deck chair. A quiet day at home alone - letting things settle. A simple sock started on Monday to hand to help with the flow. Feeling good, feeling right.


Lynne said…
Enjoy this new phase of your life!
Katie said…
Sounds like a pretty blissful day to me! I'm glad you are taking well deserved time to enjoy it!
Rose Red said…
Hurrah! How exciting! I know how you feel - this was me 4 years ago - and look where I am now, heh heh! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
DrK said…
oh the freedom of it! i can feel it from here. you should definitely just sit and breath for a while, and enjoy that space!
Anonymous said…
I think you're so awesomely brave! Best to you in this newest phase of your life.

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