Pricks and wisdom

 Early sunlight slanting across the lawn

Plums hiding amongst the leaves of the plum tree

Dappled shadow shapes cast by the plum tree in the early sunlight

Dapples shadows casting shapes in early sunlight

Dappled shadows on Howard dreams of custard creams printMaking a poster for new craft circle at Florence Park Community Centre
Slipper pattern pieces
Learning that muslin is too fine for free motion machine embroidery

S shape found on my messy doormatSilk, wool, linen fabrics bought from Masons, AbingdonSketchbook by Anna Maria Horner tapestry in progress

Oh many pricks have burst my bubble this week but memories made this weekend are keeping me going. There was so much time then! Time for lovely meals, to enjoy the garden, to watch the sunlight. Crafting done, including a poster made for a new craft circle I am trying to start up in our local community centre. A lesson learnt about the unsuitability of muslin for free motion embroidery on the sewing machine. Seems so obvious now! A start of a pair of slippers. New fabrics bought, silk checked pyjamas dreamt of.. Gentle, rhythmic tapestry and a flower more done than not. Just happy at home days, with little forays out in to the world for socialising and supplies. More of these to come and meanwhile trying to smile, breathe and go slowly through the week.

When I harrumphed a rhetorical question from a very grumpy corner of the sofa on Monday evening - "Why is it so hard to be Zen at work?" I got a very wise answer back from the Mr - "Because you aren't practiced at it." So there we are then, apparently I have been living with a Zen master all along, no wonder home is so happy!


Anita said…
Looks like you have been very busy!!! Great craft work.
Cheers, Anita.
Lynne said…
A wide man indeed! I bet he's a man of few words...
Caffeine Girl said…
I'm with you on the Zen. I just signed up for a fairly expensive mindfulness class!

What is a craft circle? I like the sound of it!
Sarah said…
I bet the mindfulness class is worth every penny :) A craft circle is just a stitch n bitch or knitter's group or whatever but for everyone doing any kind of craft, hoping we have lots of crafty types round here.
DrK said…
yes i keep forgetting that Zen is a practice, which one must keep practising! your photos are very zen though, lovely little moments of late summer, and so much lovely craftiness. enjoy!

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