On being introduced to your own creation

I made an owl. I thought it was a she. Called Betty.
The Mr said he'd call him Claremont.
He gave him the shades.
I thought I didn't like him.
Other members of the family do.
Who am I to argue?
I thought he'd be a pink, slightly larger version of last time. Maybe now I have some notes I'll have more of a clue next time around.
Though where's the fun in that?


Lynne said…
He or she looks very serious - he has the "thinking scowl" my WM is well known for!
Rose Red said…
Claremont Betty looks to be very popular in your household!
T. said…
Love him/her. And gender should be decided by the owl themself don't you think?
Linda said…
I like him, very cute!
Charity said…
That's the thing with creating, you never know exactly what you're going to come up with! :o)
Anonymous said…
oh i think its a him too, i wonder why. the slight scowl in the eyes maybe? its just gorgeous tho.
Radcliffe said…
He's wonderful, love the colour of the yarn. I have a thing about owls; all wise and mysterious.
Bells said…
Oh he's very cute. Is he a he? Is that what you decided? I think Claremont is a fabulous name and he should always wear shades.
Rachel said…
I think you should pay attention to the other members of your family...that is one cute owl!
marycatharine said…
So did you go with Claremont or Betty?

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