This time..

..I've listened to the wise inner knitter and stopped admiring the lovely yarn and 
concluded that too tight (much like too loose) is something that you can do something about. 
I've been ignoring the smallness of these pretty Wollmeisers for a while now. I abandoned the tricksy pattern so I could move on from the tangle;  and I so wanted the plain socks to fly along that I didn't give in to the nagging until I considered my Tetsubou. What seems like a long time in the knitting is nothing compared to how long I hope the garment will  be with me. I'd like the pride in the item to be untainted by a feeling that I should have done something a little different in the making. With force I could get this on but really who wants to have to lever themselves in to their cosy socks? So to the frogpond with these - a healthy dose of GAAK for me and hopefully third time is the charm for the socks that are resisting being knitted!


Rose Red said…
Oh no, this frogging thing is catching isn't it!

They are so pretty - but that's not much good if they don't fit, is it. You did The Right Thing by frogging!

And I'm sure 3rd time will be the charm!
Lynne said…
You're absolutely right - no fit is no good! Yay for materials that can be frogged and reknitted!
Linda said…
It had to be done and the next time will be perfect I am sure!
Anonymous said…
i am getting more and more comfortable with trusting my instincts on what patterns are right for what yarns, whats working and what isnt, and when to frog. when i think i should frog, it probably means i should. and you do want to actually wear these, because that yarn is just amazing! good luck this time.
raining sheep said…
Oh yup, definitely small. Great colors though, too bad they will be swimming soon. Hope you are doing well, it's actually above zero and I am relishing the warmth!
T. said…
GAAK! I'll be using that term in the future.
marycatharine said…
The third time will surly be the charm!

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