Made it!

Yes. These photos were hastily taken in the car park, at the wedding, this cushion cover was a gift for! Glad this was a deadline I managed to make.Pattern: My own construction inspired by the New Directions in Knitting Course
Yarn: About 3 balls of Sirdar Denim Ultra - Ivory Cream
Needles: 6.5mm
Started: July 29th 2010
Finished: August 14th 2010

This was such a fun knit, squishy yarn (super cheap and washable, one of my favourite ever acrylic blends that doesn't feel like acrylic - if only they had a better range of colours) simple to work and I just threw in ribbons, yarns and some texture to create the heart motifs as it felt right. I did a provisional cast on and then knit the body of the cushion in the round, cast off half the stitches and knit the rest on for the moss stitch flap. Grafted the bottom closed and sewed on three beautiful ceramic heart shaped buttons from Injabulo.

Rather fitting as it was through their site that I found details of the Oxford Summer School. The course inspired me to take what was planned as a plain cover with one reverse stocking stitch heart and turn it into a much more interesting piece. I'm delighted with how it turned out - both as a sampler of some techniques that I'd like to take on to other pieces and as a lovely object in its own right. This is my second time gifting a hand made cushion cover for a wedding and I'm sure there will be more. The two I made previously are always on my friends' sofa when I visit and I get such a kick out of seeing them and feeling like I added a little love to their home.

I'm sorry I haven't been much in evidence in the blogosphere this past month or so. Work is SUPER busy and I've also been indulging in lots of out of the house fun as I'm feeling much better lately. Hurrah! Soon I'll work out my new routines and I'll catch up with my reading list. Thank you all for the comments here in the meantime.


Rose Red said…
What a great idea for a wedding gift! Go you!
mooncalf said…
That looks beautiful. So professional but quirky too.

Nice work!
Anonymous said…
that is such a lovely gift, im not surprised previous recipients love them! hope all continues to go well.
raining sheep said…
Beautiful work. Lucky bride and groom. I have been a bad blogger/commenter but work was busy as well and when I am not working I don't feel like doing anything. sigh! Except taking pictures :)
Modelwidow said…
What a lovely, personal, gift. Nothing like finishing just in the nick of time though is there?
Mary said…
Lovely wedding gift. I like the colour you have chosen. I've been a naugher blogger too as my new job has been taking too much of my time.
Bells said…
love the hastily taken shots! So often our gifts are given in last minute anxiety like that!

You're really clever to have put the thought into you that you did and I think the results speak for themselves!
Caffeine Girl said…
I'm so glad you are feeling better -- that's the best reason for not posting!

What a yummy post. So many beautiful pictures. The wedding pillow is just beautiful -- and is indeed a little piece of love.

The owl is darling, too.

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