Le Mavens

Time for a FO ta da - I present you with Le Mavens - the shrug born from the scarf/yarn inspiration.
Pattern: My own construction inspired by Levens
Yarn: c250grams Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend - Colour: Atlantic
Needles: 5.5mm
Started: May 21 2010
Finished: June 18 2010
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Mixed feelings about this one. I think conjuring something out of my imagination was perhaps always going to have the downside of not quite living up to the vision, but I am proud of myself for getting somewhere close to what I had in mind. It's pretty cute but has some issues with sizing. This shot of the back clearly shows I managed to size it too large - which messes up the neckline/shoulders. I think actually there are three elements contributing to the poor fit around the shoulders. 1) A bit of growth compared to the swatch; 2) My aim for a looser, draped fit and feel, I should perhaps have gone for a little negative ease across the shoulders as it's very stretchy. 3) Ambitious construction and no experience of seamless set in sleeves.

Point 3) gives me the most to take forward for future projects. The set in sleeves themselves were a breeze to work and I love the sleeves themselves but I don't think I should have shaped the backs and fronts as I did. I should have researched how I would do the sleeves in advance really - ah preparation - isn't it dull how it nearly always pays off? I also did provisional cast ons for the meeting of the fronts and back to get in the back neck and front increases as I wanted, this leaves no real structure to the shoulder so that contributes to the fact that it doesn't sit in place too well. So I think I'll get some wear from it but it's not quite the sophisticated darling I hoped for. Still it's so hot still that It would be too much for the next wedding in the queue on Saturday anyway.
I finished a few days ago but it's taken a while to find time with my photographer at temperature at which it was bearable to model. You'll be amazed to hear that the heat was the only uncomfortable element of the photo shoot! Apparently it's all down to having the right art direction. Would you mess with that stare?


Anna said…
Well done you for going for it - I think you did a pretty great job actually. The colour is gorgeous on you. I'm attempting my first seamless set in sleeves at the moment too... maybe it's something in the air!
Charity said…
Looks GREAT!! Nice work!
Anonymous said…
it does look great, and i really didnt notice the sleeves until you mentioned them. i know its hard with these things, because we want everything we make to be right, but i am beginning to think that lots of my ealier projects that had issues were all necessary to teach me what i DO need to do... annoying, but useful. the colour is just gorgeous on you!
Rose Red said…
yay you for desgning your own garment - and for getting it pretty close to your vision! I think it's a great shape for a shrug, I can't wear most of those shorter more fitted around the bust styles, this is much more wearable. And the colour is just fab, love it!
Mary said…
Well done on designing your garment. I think it looks great and I love the colour, it really suits you.

Hope to see more designs in the future.
sara said…
I really like the sleeve detail. You did a great job. I admire your ability to design your own pattern.
Caffeine Girl said…
I think it came out beautifully! And that color is just luscious!
T. said…
I think it's lovely - I can't believe you came up with that and were so close to what you truly wanted. The colour is perfect for you!
Rachel said…
I admire the courage you have to work toward your vision...and to acknowledge that part of the process is to learn how to do things differently next time. With that said, I think this is a very cute shrug (love that lace detail on the sleeve top!) and it looks really great on you (also a cutie!). Well done!
amanda said…
Love the name you gave this! lily will be so pleased that you assimilated a little of Levens into this knit!
The color is fabulous on you! I'm not a knitter, and to my eye, it looks pretty fantastic! (I love the shorter profile.)
Pretty dress, too.
Kyoko said…
Yay! It is soooo lovely! Looks really good on you and I love the fact that your kitty has "approved" it!!
Linda said…
That is so sweet, I love the colour and really admire you for designing a full size garment!

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