Thinking Socks

So I finished up a pair of baby socks and the first of the Caretta Caretta's and I thought and I read your comments and I thought and I felt in as many minds as ever. I read the notes of the finished cardis on Ravelry and no-one mentions swatching or gauge dilemmas. Are they just more decisive knitters, perhaps they just swatched the right size needles to start off with, perhaps they just didn't swatch at all? I do love the exquisite pain of measuring gauge, we know we should but sometimes even when you are good it doesn't pay off so then the temptation to just say ya boo to it all grows larger!
Simple socks made good companions for the mulling, a little reminder that knitting can be easy as well as challenging.

Pattern: Basic Top Down Sock - 32 stitches
Yarn: Leftovers of Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Started: May 7 2010
Finished: June 20 2010
Ravelry Page

Thank you to the commenters, at least you were in as many minds as me. I have a reached a decision on the cardi, a compromise? I'm still not sure it's the right course of action. Time will tell but at least it's action. I'm going to knit a sleeve first as a mighty swatch. I was going to knit a really big swatch to try and get a better sense of the weight/stretch factor and then thought that I could actually get a start on the main knitting and achieve the same end if I treat the sleeve as a swatch. Of course I'm hoping and hoping that I will get gauge, then I can feel both a virtuous swatcher and be one sleeve to the good - wish me luck!


Anna said…
I think that's a really good idea, as you'll get a much better idea of gauge than even a large flat swatch would give you. Nice socks too!
Rose Red said…
Loving the baby socks - too cute!

I also love the idea of a sleeve as a swatch, a splendid idea!
Lynne said…
Yes, a sleeve is a big swatch, I guess!! LOL
Kyoko said…
Yep, after commenting on your previous post, I think you have made the right decision! I would do exactly the same.
Loving the baby socks. It is so cute. Yep, a simple pair of handknitted socks is so useful. I have a friend whose feet is forever cold so I am planning to make a nice simple quick knit socks :D
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Linda said…
Thats a good idea to knit the sleeve as a swatch. I have done that a couple of times and it does work!
Rachel said…
Cutie socks!

It seems you made the perfect decision to knit a sleeve as a swatch...I'm hoping you hit it right on and have a beautiful fitted cardi in no time!
T. said…
Excellent plan -fingers crossed it works out.
Anonymous said…
i have heard tell that sleeves make a good swatch, will be interested to see how the cotton handles. gorgeous little baby sock!!
raining sheep said…
Oh they are so, so cute. Baby socks are such fun to make. Hope you are having a great summer. I am quite certain your garden is totally in full bloom. I am still just enjoying my mindless crochet :)
Anonymous said…
love the socks, but why not use two at a time on circulers? so much faster and fun!
Anonymous said…
Lovely socks, but why not use circular needles two at a time, fun and quick...

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