then we take Berlin

From Alexanderplatz to the Zoo we certainly took in a lot of Berlin in a few days.
The Reichstag's glass dome gives a commanding view of the spread of a fascinating city.
One with a lot of big news history and difficult episodes which to me seem to have been commemorated very effectively and integrated into a very lively city that is surging forwards with building works everywhere you look. The thought provoking Holocaust Memorial and colourful East Side Gallery exemplify this. Though it would be nicer if the taggers left the street art to real artists.
From the green and leafy north eastern burbs where we stayed we could zoom everywhere on the wonderfully linked public transportI really enjoyed my time there and will go out of my way to go back. Though of course it's lovely to be home for a rest.


mooncalf said…
Ooh I've never been to Berlin - very interesting!
Petit Filoux said…
oh how cool! I've never been there but this sure inspires me to do so! x
T. said…
It looks awesome - I'm a bit jealous. ANy holiday knitting or too much sight seeing?
sara said…
Lovely pictures. The last time (an only time) I was in Berlin was 1988.
Anonymous said…
Gosh i haven't heard that song in years. Must go look for it on itunes today!

Lovely photos. Thank for a tour of a city I've never been to but have always thought would be great to visit!
Anonymous said…
oh how wonderful, to be so close. what a great looking city, and looks like you had good weather too. hopefully lots of beer was drunk!
Lynne said…
I've been to Germany but never to Berlin so thanks for sharing so many photos.
Lea said…
wow - I haven't been there since the mid 80's and it certainly is different!
Kyoko said…
hehe! love the hippo and the panda bear :D
I have never been to Berlin before but it looks like a great place to be (seem very organised). I bet there are many good yarn shops!
Looks lovely. did you find any yarn stores?
Rachel said…
Fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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