Grumpy Socks and a Meme

Well it's no surprise to any of us that I didn't get straight on with the seaming and blocking of Moonlight is it?! It would be nice to pop her on for this cold, grey evening but I'm settling for a new pair of hand knit socks instead.It's the ultimate pair of grumpy socks - the Love Me Knots - the trials and tribulations of these socks are well documented and it's only the fact that the Honeybees needed to go into the naughty corner that meant the LMKs got pulled out and the last little bit finished off. I still don't love them but perhaps as the pain of the knitting fades I'll get less grumpy with them. Hope you can see the illusion affect in these photos, socks on the hoof are troubling enough to photo without the added complication of trying to get hearts to appear or disappear.
Pattern: LoveMeKnot
Yarn: Trekking ProNatura - 75% wool, 25% bamboo
Needles: 2.5mm magic loop, dpns and two circs
Started: October 2007
Finished: 24 May 2008
Notes: In summary - the Socktober challenge sock that was nearly too much of a challenge. One really great thing about them is the yarn - love this wool and bamboo blend to knit with and they feel nice on the feet. Having tried three different needle options I'm still a DPN lover above all else.

So what have the Honeybees done to get themselves sent to the naughty corner? Look at this pretty photo and then feel for me that the thing won't go over my heel. Sigh. The cuff has to be ripped out, as even tough love blocking hasn't done the trick. I'm still summoning up the will power.

So enough of grumpiness Bells tagged me for this Peeps I Want To Know More About meme.

The rules: Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

Here are my responses.

1) What was I doing ten years ago?

Exactly ten years ago I was not managing to do much revising for my first year exams at uni as I was suffering a bout of ME with a vengeance. I ended up repeating the year. Every May since I left university I feel an overwhelming sense of relief at not having looming exams, I've never minded the actual exams as much as the guilt in the run up to them whenever I did anything that wasn't revision. The bliss of picking up a novel without feeling I should be reading a textbook was so strong for those first couple of years of freedom!

2) What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:

1. Persuade the other half to clean the house as my cousin is coming to stay
2. Blog, as I may not get another chance pre Oslo trip
3. Make something yummy for dinner
4. Watch the cricket highlights
5. Knit on a happy happy rainbow coloured sock

3) Snacks I enjoy:

Mmm mmm mmm cake. Most cakes will do but there is a complicated league system of preferences - chocolate is bottom of the list and lemon at the top most days.

Fab ice lollies - as in the brand Fab - not just fabulous lollies.

This weekend in particular - brown rice sweet chilli crackers - they were yum

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Quit work and buy a huge house by the sea in Cornwall. Fritter my time away on anything that took my fancy - no doubt mainly knitting - and give oodles of money to charity to restore my sense of worth.

5) Places I have lived:

Saltash(Cornwall), Bristol, Oxford.

6) Jobs I have had:

Cleaner, deli counter assistant, supermarket cashier, tele-market researcher, legal aid claim processor, receptionist, dogsbody temp, pensions fund secretary and for the last five years journal publishing manager.

7) Peeps I want to know more about:

Now I'm rubbish at picking from all the blogs I read but I also only do memes when I actually get tagged for them so I'm going to do some tagging by picking the commenters from the last post who I don't think have done this yet:

Rose Red
Queen of the Froggers
Raining Sheep


Lyndsey-Jane said…
totally understand the guilt about revision - even though I've done loads today and have reached a reasonable stopping point I still feel bad about having a night knitting in front of the TV.
I also understand the ME thing, I had to re-take my 2nd year because of it and have had to do my 3rd year over 2 years because of it. Off to knit and chill and not feel guilty as I deserve a break.
Love the LMK socks.
Marianne said…
I love your meme info :^) mmm, lemon anything! and oh, lemon and raspberry and dark chocolate? YOWZA.

Your Grumpy..Love Me Knots... look very soft and comfy, that should go a long way in chasing off some grumps.
oh nooooo, on the Honeybees though, what a Beauty!

I'm such a pathetic blogger nowadays, but I'll keep it in mind and see what I can do, eh? That's the best I can offer at the moment.
florencemary said…
I think your Lovemeknots are superb!

Interesting meme - I remember well the relief of not having exams to deal with anymore...

I will play along with the meme in a week or so's time!
Bells said…
oh nice socks!!! I've not seen that pattern before.

And the honeybees are a crying shame.

Cornwall. A house by the sea with knitting and frittering. Perfect.
Rose Red said…
Illusion knitting is so cool!!

Can't believe those honeybees don't fit - gah!! Hope re-doing the cuff will fix them.

I shall post tomorrow (probably!)
Charity said…
Nice socks! I'll have to think up some good answers to these questions. :0)
SueJ said…
Nice socks, shame about the Honeybees. Are they short row heels? Flappy ones are easier to adjust to a high instep but not as elegant for toe up socks.
Your Lovemeknots look so cool! What a bummer the Honeybees don't fit :(
Glenna C said…
Those are just beautiful socks :) Damn, knitters can do such awesome things.

Oh to be a billionaire...
Linda said…
What a pain about the Honey beas not fitting, I think that I would have the same trouble with them. I have done the meme!
Modelwidow said…
Love the illusion socks, and what a pity about the Honeybees, they look so nice too.
I have done the meme
twigletqueen said…
I love the Love-Me-Knots! So cool, they must be a bit warm for May though.

And dude! Fab ice lollies! You've sparked off a craving now...
Anonymous said…
Love the socks. Such a shame theydon't fit. Will doing a heel flap and gusset help instead of short row heel?

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