No Socks but Happy Times

A lovely time was had on my trip with my Mum, in fact we had too much fun for me to finish the socks. I think I'm just about forgiven though it was touch and go and I mustn't be online long as they must be finished this week!

This is the view from the car as we left England for Wales. The struts on the bridge remind me of sails.

The blue skies in this picture are much more representative of the weather than the greys captured below. We did spend some time dodging showers on the Saturday but a trip to the British seaside without rain just wouldn't be right.
We stayed in a little town called Penarth just along from Cardiff which has a very pretty Victorian seafront, it almost seemed wrong to be promenading here without lace gloves and a parasol. It was a lovely time: lots of food, endless chatter and a great show in Cardiff.

Quiet time was often spent with my nose in this book rather than in knitting and sadly I am as yet unable to combine both. I thought it would be a safe book to take as I didn't expect it to suck me in and pull me along like it did. Loved it.

Before I dash back to the socks I must just say - go and enter Clarabelle's wonderful shawl raffle if you haven't been there and done that already. I want to win so don't beat me, but I can't keep this opportunity to own a Clarabelle original tres fantastic shawl from you and it's a lovely fundraising idea in memory of her Dad.


florencemary said…
Great travel photos, and glad you had a wonderful time with mumsie!

And thank you so much for mentioning my shawl raffle!
Kai said…
Glad you had a great time! I've been on that bridge when it was really windy and blustery... brings back memories. :)
Rose Red said…
oh yes, the English seaside town does require promenading with a parasol, doesn't it!
Charity said…
Sounds like a wonderful time, I'm so glad you two were able to have the time together! :0)
raining sheep said…
So glad you had a great holiday. The sock is coming along...after all, you go on holidays to have fun not to knit...tee hee...unless you are doing a knitting and yoga retreat...apparently this exists!
So glad you had a great time! Love the photos :)
Linda said…
I am glad you had a good time. I want to win that shawl raffle so badly, Clarabelles lace is gorgeous!
Curly Cable said…
Sounds like a wonderful holiday, thanks for sharing your pictures, there' always something special about British Seaside that you just don't get abroad. The socks looking super, lovely pattern and colour, Fingers Crossed your able to finish them on time for DB's birthday.

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